michael meet hagupit. hagupit meet michael.

michael is in hong kong and it appears typhoon hagupit is gonna make a brief stop there.  it doesn’t look like he’s in any danger but sending me the im

you know, i’m in the middle of a T8 typhoon warning here

just might cause me to become a tad bit concerned.  especially since i don’t know how they classify typhoons.  however, i do know that a typhoon and a hurricane are the same thing, just on different sides of the international dateline.

3 thoughts on “michael meet hagupit. hagupit meet michael.

  1. That would freak me out. T8 sounds ominous. I hope he’s safe and sound at home soon.

    the news link has me feeling better. not for mainland china, but for hong kong…

  2. Hurricanes are ranked by categories…Katrina was a cat 3…so maybe you should figure out this storm rating system! Not to cause you any undo worry!

    i’ve found it since… hong kong rates t1 – t10. t10 being “it’s gonna hit us we’re absolutely certain of it!”

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