do these make my mouth look fat?

*michael has run off to hong kong with my camera leaving me no option but to take photos with the mac.  works for me.*

i’m a wuss.  these things hurt.  food hurts.  the cheese grater effect on my cheeks hurt.  and only 1/2 of them are in.  in another week i get the bottom set.  i figure that will be just about the time this set stops hurting.

the upside (yes, there is an upside) – i have finally put the blender to use.  this morning i had a banana mango smoothie.  it was pretty good.  so anyone who has an excellent smoothie recipe they might be willing to share, i would greatly appreciate it.

oh, and another possible upside…  the last time i had my mouth messed with i lost 45 pounds.  of course, then it was a bit more than just braces.  i had all the saliva glands from my tongue removed and 80 gajillion stitches in my tongue.  and right after that i had mono.  when all was said and done i weighed 98 pounds.  and i was skinnnyyyy for prom!  i don’t really want to weigh 98 pounds again, but  i wouldn’t mind losing 45.

12 thoughts on “do these make my mouth look fat?

  1. Well, I guess I forgive you for taking all those horrible “sleeping” pictures of me and posting them on your blog. It will get better – hang in there. Are you able to conceal your pain from A11?

    yes. and i’ve told her that when i say things like hurt or pain or these are killing me, i’m lying and just looking for attention!

    oh, and yes, the sleeping pictures could have been much worse!

  2. My Timbo got braces on my dad’s birthday (Sept. 9th). He said they have stopped hurting, so maybe yours will too. He does have some king of funky thing at the top of his mouth to prevent him from biting down and knocking off the bottom braces. That is the thing that is driving him crazy right now, especially when he is playing his saxophone. You look beautiful. Good luck!

    BTW, Walter wants to know if you used a “real” orthodontist or someone from the clinic that sewed up S9’s hand?!?

    i’m sure it will go away soon. of course, then the bottoms will hurt. i’ll get one of those funky things, too. and then in january or feb, a11 gets hers!!

    no, for this a real ortho. but for the kids, maybe a trip to panang will be in order!! 😀

  3. gooorgeous! although, in my feed reader there was a second photo, and that one was gorgeous FOR REAL.

    smoothies huh? sounds pretty good actually…

    i decided the second picture ruined the mood. thanks, i’m working on a coffee smoothie for lunch.

  4. My daughter had braces.. she hurt alot poor u… icecream is good, not for loosing weight though !

    luckily my favorite ice cream flavors all have nuts. which are a no no. frozen nuts i would assume are a super duper no no!! i do like that frozen cappuccino thing from dairy queen good thing there’s not one in my back yard!!

  5. I hope it gets much, much better. FAST! For what it’s worth–my daughter ignored all the restrictions on her braces, and did just fine. Did I say that? She happily chewed gum, ate nuts, did everything she wasn’t supposed to. Of course, that may not be the example you want to set for your daughter. You do not, in any way, look like you could lose 45 lbs. Take Advil, eat soft foods, be good to yourself.

    that would be so hard for me. almost impossible. i’m a rule follower. i love rules. it hurts to not do wha ti’m told. it’s an illness. my husband does not share this condition with me. makes for some good times!!

    oh, and the 45 pounds are definitely there. i just don’t like to flaunt them in photos!

  6. looks like way to much fun! smoothies are my best friend I have them 2 or 3 a day now with protein. the magic bullet is amazing! maybe you can find one.

    i’m going to go out in search of some protein powder. my mouth will be back to normal soon, but every time i have adjustments done i wanna be ready!!

  7. Do you have any oral gel? That will help with some of the first days of pain. At least your teeth will be numb for a while so you can eat!

    the whole oral gel feeling freaks me out. i know. there’s something wrong with me. i don’t like it so much that i didn’t use any kind of numbing stuff with the kids when they teethed. i did use tylenol and such…

  8. If you lose 45 lbs with braces, I’m getting some, though I don’t need them. Be sure to update! haha

    oh, i’ll update. i seem to feel the need to update about any and everything now 😀

  9. ouch! teeth and photo lol.
    i make the same smoothie every day:
    juice, banana. spirulina.
    Bulldog spices it up with anything else fruity he can find…
    and that’s the extent of our creativity lol X

    off to google spirulina…

  10. My advice is to make appointments for late in the afternoon. Enjoy a really great lunch before the appointment and invest in some of that rip off wax….that will solve the raw cheek thing.

    Also if you take an ibuprofen about an hour after your appointment and for the 24 hours following your appointment, food will be much more tolerable.

    Unfortunately the pain continues throughout, but you just get more used to it and know what to expect.

    Been there done that…I feel your pain.

    thanks for the suggestions. i’ll give the ibuprofen a try tonight!!

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