he’s a true survivor

**this post is all about how my husband is awesomely awesome. he’s the kind of guy who would go to the ends of the earth and back for those he loves.  i mean he’s the kind of guy who can out wit, out play, and out last.**

s9’s birthday was the 10th of this month. since michael was in america and s9 was adamant that there could be no party without him, the party was yesterday – a slumber party <insert masculine form of slumber party here>.  invitiations were sent out.  rsvps were returned.  we were all set for a good time.  except i had double booked myself – as i am wont to do lately.  but luckily, michael was ready to step up to the plate.   but it meant he had to spend about 45 minutes at the kids’ school waiting for them to get out.  and i forgot to tell him that he would have this wait.  he hates waiting.  he hates not having anything to do while he waits.  he hates wasting time.  but very bravely – pay attention, because here is the part where he outwits, out plays and out lasts – he did just that.  spent 45 minutes at the school sitting.  i’m pretty sure if he had a video tape of it it would be the most amazing survivor audition video ever.  i mean jeff probst would weep when he saw it.  i know it’s hard to imagine.  but i’m talking michael waiting with nothing to do for 45 minutes.  yes, it is as harrowing as it sounds.  and what was i doing while he was bravely enduring the unthinkable?

after his excrutiating wait, michael accompanied s9 and 5 of his friends back to our house on a songthaew.  where he discovered they were locked out.  because i had the keys.  however, one of the nimble party guests was able to be hoisted up to a window and get into the house.  crisis averted.

my next stop?  a11’s first ever swim meet.  i got there as quickly as i could, but missed the first half.  by the time i got there the only event i got to watch her participate in was this one

as you can see, she is very good at it.  but, rumor has it her coach got some fantastic shots of her and he’s gonna send a few my way.  here he is hard at photo taking coaching.

i called michael after the swim meet to update him on my progress and discovered that everything in the house had been eaten or drunk drank drunk drank drinked.  there was nothing left, not a crumb, and things were getting desperate.  so, i swung by the school to pick up c14 from rugby, dropped a11 off at a friend’s (i think that hyphen is needed, but i could be wrong) for the night and made a mad dash through the store picking up any and every sticky, sweet or salty snack food and carbonated beverage i could find.  i also scored an ice cream cake before heading home.  by the time we got there pizza had been ordered and eaten and they were more than ready for cake.

pancakes were s9’s request for breakfast.  and i woke to this.

and to me, this is what makes him an honest to goodness, real life hero!!

6 thoughts on “he’s a true survivor

  1. you realize after all of that praise you will probably have o buy him a new game for the wii, right?

    He seriously deserves it though

    yes, especially since there was no jet lag recovery time included in his trip home this time

  2. Life as an expat really is kind of like “Survivor” isn’t it?

    it is, it is. who knew?

  3. Way to step up there!

    And yeah, he gets a new game. 🙂 Lego Indiana Jones is pretty fun.

    i’ll have to look into that one. usually he does all the game shopping when he makes it back to the states. we can’t buy wii games here since we have a us wii

  4. oh lookit all your fun.
    we had a Boys Sleepovah last night for the eleven-year-old-birday-boy. sleepovers are really cool these days….. now that the kiddos are so self-sufficient… all they need are food and movies and playstation YEAH!!!
    mwah X

    oh, so true!! but they do need lots and lots of food!! but maybe we provided too much food because we did have one upchuck during the night!

  5. What a great story! It’s terrific that Michael will jump in and help like that–makes it worth keeping him around, huh? 😉 It sounds like the boys had a terrific time. Kuddos to you both.

    it makes it well worth it!! he’s a gem. and i think a good time was had by all. we had puking and i think that’s when you know the fun has begun!!

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