haiku – yo ho ho


avast ye matey!
for talk like a pirate day
is swashbucklin’ fun

september nineteenth
it’s the pirate life for me
land lubbers beware

dirty morgan kidd
that be me pirate name, arrr
click here to find yours

ye celebratin’?
then fly the jolly roger!
shiver me timbers

if ye learn ye pirate name leave me a comment.  or walk the plank!!

22 thoughts on “haiku – yo ho ho

  1. Ahoy there! Many thanks for the reminder!


    it’s me pleasure. gatherin’ swashbucklers is the name of the game… (not so piratey sounding)

  2. Bloody Bess Roberts
    Every pirate lives for something different. For some, it’s the open sea. For others (the masochists), it’s the food. For you, it’s definitely the fighting. Two things complete your pirate persona: style and swagger. Maybe a little too much swagger sometimes — but who really cares? Arr!

    hmmm that might explain why I wanted to scratch your car haha

    or ye’d just gone off ye rocker! ho ho ho (a bit on the santa clause side)

  3. Arrgh! I be Dirty Morgan Kidd as well!

    I may have to kill ye because ye stole me name! Avast ye dirty swab!

    ye be an imposter. fer that ye walk the plank!

  4. Arr, I almost forgot! I be Calico Bess Kidd. I’ll be sendin’ that link to me first mate, the scurvy dog! (Okay, that’s all I’ve got… brilliant haiku, by the way! That gets my vote for the most original this month.)

    thank ye!! calico bess sounds like she may be crafty, that one…

  5. Mad Anne Flint’s the name. ARR.

    Fun’ ku. Thanks for a little bit of fun and laughter in the day!

    laughter be me middle name, the one i didn’t list. 😀 mad anne flint may be one to avoid!!

  6. O help! I am Dirty Jenny Rackham! Not quite sure how I managed that! Love the game in this haiku!

    another dirty wench! they be gangin’ up on us!

  7. Mad Jenny Rackham

    Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You have the good fortune of having a good name, since Rackham (pronounced RACKem, not rack-ham) is one of the coolest sounding surnames for a pirate. Arr!

    Methinks I’ll be chortlin’ all the livelong day. Even as I be swabbin’ the decks.
    Thanks there matey!

    best be careful if chortlin’ while swabbin’. the family might think you’re truly mad!!

  8. Pirate haiku. I have now experienced everything…..That is HYSTERICAL!

    “Why is the rum always gone?”

    thanks… and i be not knowin’, why?

  9. I am terrible at talking like a pirate, but I really do love when others do. This was awesome and fun. All I know to say is Arrrr, so Arrrr!

    it seems me has to think too much to get the piratey talk correct!! (i even had to go back and change the i to me…) hardy, har, har (not sure if that’s pirate-ese or not…)

  10. Awesome haiku. In addition to celebrating talk like a pirate day, I will be attending the Portland Pirate Festival tomorrow. You can call me Dread Pirate Bonny. Arrrrrrr.

    hope the festival is fun for ye, dread pirate bonny!!

  11. Captain Bess Flint, thars me name matey!

    Captain, no less…better watch out!

    captain bess flint, hope you found the decks swabbed to yer likin’ and the grog, too!!

  12. Not sure HOW to find a pirate name and am running so far behind today it’s probably a good thing. I’m clearly ‘out of the loop’ on this, but I loved your clever haiku just the same.
    Hugs and blessings,

    thank you, story!

  13. Mad Jenny Flint here. I totally missed Pirate Day! Arrrr!

    mad jenny flint we won’t be making ye walk the plank. but if ye miss it again, well, ye might be visitin’ davy jones’ locker!! (i’ve been wanting to work that whole davy jones’ locker thing in… )


    I didn’t know the 20th was Talk Like Pirate Day – i was driving the tractor mowing all day long. I did watch a Johnny Depp movie (Don Juan somebody) – does that almost count?

    Love Mom

    shh… it was the 19th… it’s not one of the more well known holidays. only the select are allowed to celebrate!! 😉

  15. Black Bess Ratham, m’am… took all me friends’ money at poker tonight… a day late… arrrrgh!!!

    me thinks booty takin’ is excuse enough to be a day late, black bess!

  16. Captain Grace Rackham, and I have so many, many more things I should be doing. Nothing more fun though. thanks. PS–Boy did you get a lot of comments on this one.

    another captain on board!! ye’re welcome to stay and have a pint of grog!

    and the comments have been fun! i feel so loved!! 😀

  17. arrr, we celebrated we did.

    this cool ole day is the day my hubby wanted miss C1 to be born. arr, it was a bit risky, it was. so, lucky 13th she came!

    arrr, but a mighty fine birthday that would be!!!

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