i mean business

today we made another visa run.  it’s our third.  the first was to burma, the second was to penang (it was really a holiday, but conveniently we were able to get our visas stamped, too) and today we went to burma, again.  but this time it was just the kids and me.  it would have caused all kinds of visa woes if michael had crossed the border today – after our yesterday at immigration.

there are some huge difference when we travel sans-dad.  things just go faster.  not that we move quicker, but i don’t believe in stopping.  i’m all about getting there, getting what we need to get done done and getting back.  we were out the door at 6:15a and back at 3:15p.  our last trip we were out the door at 6a and back at 6:30p.  i took the camera with me, just in case, and there were several great photo ops, but that would have taken time and all those few seconds add up.  so i took not one picture.

hopefully, we have made our last visa run and come november will be able to extend our visas to one year visas.  that would make me smile.

4 thoughts on “i mean business

  1. Is is common for them not to issue one year visas?

    we have from what i understand the best you can come in on is a 90 and then you can renew to a 1 yr. but we didn’t understand exactly how that works. but it’s all gonna be okay in the end!

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