but then again, i could have it all wrong

started the day off wrong – yesterday, as in the day before today.  that’s when i discovered my inability to read a travel itinerary has not improved in anyway. 1:10 is not an arrival time. it’s the length of the flight. 0855, that’s an arrival time. gets me every time. and this little time keeping confusion caused me to schedule myself to be doing something at the exact same time as the plane was to be landing. which i was late for – i mean i was late for the something i was to be doing.  and harried.  late and harried and me = not good.  but the late and harried me managed to excuse myself from the something and managed to get the kids and get to the airport in almost time to greet the plane.  and to make it a little more stressful this morning we woke up with no electricity. and no electricity here is very bad. because it means no water pressure. which means no water. a big ol’ pain in the neck is what that is.  and not only that, but we’re to the line on our visas. gotta get out of the country. like now. however, michael didn’t want us to make that trip without him (which is very sweet), so we waited for him to return, which means we have waited until the very last moment. and tomorrow is the day, so tomorrow it is.

but not without a day spent at immigration in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, we could get the kids’ visas extended and then i would be the only problem. which meant that we had to pick up official letters from the school.  and then i had to pick up kids before i could go to the airport.  because a trip to immigration is no fun without the whole family.  but we were turned away.  told we had to go to the border.  so we took the kids to lunch and then back to school.  but while we were checking the kids back in and telling the front office guy that we would have to go to burma tomorrow we were given a glimmer of hope.  the gentleman (the wonderful, fantastic, patient gentleman) who handles the visa stuff at the school thought that perhaps he could help.  maybe we just needed someone who knew what they were doing to give us a hand.  so, we made a quick trip to the house, returned to the school to take the kids out of class once again and then headed back to immigration.  and while we didn’t end up getting the extensions we were educated. and are now all this-is-how-the-visa-thing-works smart. today we accomplished getting michael a single entry stamp, which means he can leave the country one time without it changing the date on his current visa – and that one time is for his trip to hong kong. which means the kids and i will board a charter van early tomorrow morning to hit the nearest border crossing. and, if we understand what the immigration people are telling us, our visa dates will be close enough to michael’s to do what we need done. we’ll know if it all works out in november. nothing like waiting.

if it all works out for us, in november we’ll all be on one year visas. which means no more visa runs. just checking in at immigration every 90 days. which will make us happy campers. and if we’re wrong? well, i’m not even gonna think about that.

5 thoughts on “but then again, i could have it all wrong

  1. I’ll say it again, nothing is easy about living in a different country! I hope you have right info and get visas for a year!

    thanks. i’m feeling pretty good about it right now…

  2. I have a headache now…

    No, really, a big ol’throbbing headache…

    Please tell me you drank a glass of wine before you went to bed…

    nope. gonna take some pain killer, but no wine… great idea though.

  3. Good lord, that sounds tricky! Talk about red (scarlett!) tape. Hopefully it works out for you all.

    it is tricky, but it was so lovely to have someone there who could help. much less intimidating!

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