my bonnie flies over the ocean

(i thought that blog title was sooo funny i twittered it, too. (of course, when i sing type bonnie i mean the bonnie non royal michael, not the bonnie prince charles) i slay myself.)  (look at all these parenthesis.  i’m sure there are grammar rules out there regarding this.)

michael’s somewhere between la and tokyo. and tomorrow he’ll be here.  for 4 days.  that’s the longest we’ve spent in the same country in months, and we’re even talking in the same province, in the same actual house.  we can look at it as practice for the two months of togetherness we’re getting ready to endure enjoy.

oh, and speaking of grammar rules… (i was to speaking of grammar rules, up there before i mentioned michael being home.) i love them.  i love them in the way that only a person who sucks at actually using them but doesn’t let that interfere with her ability to ridicule others who mess them up can love them.  and i have found a blog that’s only purpose is to aid me in my ability to “point” and “laugh”.  it’s the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.  it’s “fantastic”.  it makes me happy like passive-aggressive notes makes me happy.

One thought on “my bonnie flies over the ocean

  1. You are “hilarious”!!!!

    (I think I am pretty funny too, even if it is an “inside” joke!)

    oh now. i’m just gonna set the record straight… while you may be funny, that is not funny!! 😉

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