feeling un(der)supported

the average bra size in thailand has grown from a 32a cup to a 32b cup… the figures come from the thai garment association so that should make it official.

i’d link to directly to the qoute, but the page it’s on isn’t exactly family friendly.  so you just have to trust me.  there are absolutely no women in thailand larger than a c cup.  not one.  anywhere.  at all.  really.  at least that’s the way it appears.  and this has left me in a bit of a quandry.   see, when we were getting ready to move and running around like chickens with our heads cut off (i’ve never actually seen a chicken with it’s head cut off, but i have seen a turkey running around with it’s head lassoed off.  and after it finished running, it was served to us for thanksgiving dinner. with giblet gravy) anyway, there were a few things i didn’t get around to.  like shopping for extra bras.  even though i was aware it would be impossible to find any here that would work for me.  and now, here’s the situation i find myself in

and, yes, wm that would be the bra party bra

and to make things more difficult i have lost 30 pounds (i’m not complaining about that) since we moved.  all in the chest area it seems.  which means that the one bra i’m left with isn’t really doing it’s job anymore – yes, i only brought 3 bras with me.  and i won’t be returning to the states until at least june 2009.  which leaves me bravely having to shop online for bras.

so, anyone have any great suggestions for moderately priced bras that happen to provide excellent support and manage to be comfortable?  i’d include pretty in that question, too, but i’m too desperate for pretty.

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12 thoughts on “feeling un(der)supported

  1. I’ve had pretty good luck with the Glamorise line. I know you can get them at Penney’s. If you google it, you should get a few hits. Hope that helps.

    thanks. i’ll give it a google.!

  2. Monica, what size do you wear? I am a 38 D (38 DD at La Senza) and I get bras from Vanity Fair at department stores here. (And now La Senza, which has cute stuff going up to 40 DD.) Vanity Fair goes up quite a bit, I think. I had a reduction surgery done, but before that I was a 40 EE and buying bras from them.

    i went to both robinsons and central here and found nothing that would work. i thought i might in the name brands, but sadly, no…

  3. you can always send me the information on what you want and I can get them and send them to you! have you received your package yet!

    i know, but i fear a lot of sending back and forth trying to find the right size. i believe you’re package is at the post office. i received the slip and went to pick it up, but they told me i was at the wrong post office. wish i could read thai! it’s at the top of my list of things to do tomorrow!!

  4. OMG, if Glenn sees this… well, if there’s something that he hates, it is “bra talk”. So, hopefully he’s watching the Gators play 🙂 I never wore bras until I gained weight recently, and it turns out, really good bras aren’t so bad! I gotta spend fifty bucks, but then I can wear the damn thing comfortably all day
    (well, at least until I get home from work!!) I suggest Victoria’s secret.com. It’s awesome!!!!!!!

    didn’t know this about glenn… interesting tidbit. i’m all about spending money on bras. support’s expensive! i couldn’t wear victoria’s secret before i left america. might be able to now, but really need to be able to try them on!

    i don’t think i’ve had a bra free time since i was 13!

  5. Trans – 30lbs? You are TRANSforming! I hope you are healthy – that you could afford to lose the weight – and if so, congratulations. . . . good luck w/ the bra search & be careful with those underwires!

    transforming, ha ha 😀 good one!! and no worries, there’s plenty more where that 30 came from, it’s motivated me to keep going.

    funny underwire story, i was at church last night and we were praying and something kept tickling my cheek. i bat at it a few times but it wouldn’t go away. guess what it was?? yep, my underwire. had worked it’s way out of my shirt . i think i handled that with grace!

  6. Alas… There’s only so much support a husband can provide. But I would be happy to underwrite your underwire – write the check, I mean (in case you thought this was some sort of inappropriate euphemism).


    yes, only so much. inappropriate euphemism – i never!

  7. Lol, I have had my share of underwire misfortunes. Funny how it all disappears from your bust huh? Probably why hubs is never very enthusiastic when I lose weight.

    if only they could still be perky as the deflate it would be perfect!! 😀

  8. I have a hard time finding bras here in Baku as well. There is a TON of lingerie but NOTHING in my size.

    Anway, I was in about the same desperate situation that you are in and I found two that I really like while I was in Germany….maybe you can find them online…they aren’t too pricey either.

    Maidenform and Hanes Her Way.

    thanks. i will look into those. i can’t believe it’s so hard to find these!

  9. i have always liked victoria secret bras. ALWAYS reliable and last awhile.

    they are having a sale (buy 2 and save 2/$44). Can you mail to your mom and then mail to you? not sure where they actually ship.

    the ones I like are (i think): Body by Victoria®

    i might be able to wear them now. i’ve always been (ahem) too big…

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