haiku – rain


rain in the ev’ning
whispers to me that God sees
my melancholy

i seem to have fallen into a comfortable melancholy.  my melancholy isn’t of the “gloomy state of mind, esp. when habitual or prolonged; depression” variety.  it’s more content than that.  it’s more of the “sober thoughtfulness; pensiveness” variety.

14 thoughts on “haiku – rain

  1. I can really enjoy a good melancholy. Still, I hope it doesn’t go on too long–wouldn’t want it to turn into sad melancholy. Take care.

    michael returns next wed. usually, that’s a pretty good mood shifter

  2. kind of the same feeling we are having here and we are at home, but when someone is missing it is kind of strange!

    i’m sure. i’m praying for you guys. i know it’s tough. change always is. and probably made tougher by uncertainty and waiting for other changes to happen.

  3. What a beautiful haiku to describe how I’m feeling. How did you know?

    i think it must be going around. here’s to some happiness coming everyone’s way soon!

  4. What a lovely sentiment.
    Often, when I fall into melancholy over the rain, it’s that first definition over the latter. Ah, me.

    it normally is for me, too. but last night i realized how comfortable this one feels. not depressing. and not permanent. just for now.

  5. I missed the rain while we were in CO. I like the rain when it is just a gentle rain but here it falls with such intensity and so quickly there doesn’t seem to be time to enjoy he melancholy…

    the past few nights it has been raining sheets. and blowing like crazy. but in the early evening and early morning a gentle rain has been the norm.

  6. I had a feeling that had something to do with it. I’m sure it gets llloooonnnnnggggg!

    yes, it does. but we’re gearing up for 2 months with him home!! we won’t know what to do. 😉

  7. Wow, that was beautiful. Melancholy isn’t so bad when it’s not accompanied by the sadness.

    thanks. i agree, it’s not bad. it’s just a different kind of content – i think.

  8. Beautifully haiku’d. I completely understand that feeling sometimes.

    thankfully i only experience it sometimes. while not unpleasant it wouldn’t make for a very joyful life!

  9. Sometimes you need a good melancholy, just like the earth needs a good rain. And then the sun comes back. 🙂 Beautiful haiku.

    thank you. i feel exactly the same!

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