Tackle Practice – Day One

When I left him at rugby practice it was raining and this was a white shirt.


**Today’s capital letters are in honor of my ‘rents anniversary!  Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!!**


3 thoughts on “Tackle Practice – Day One

  1. Wow! That’s one dirty shirt. Hopefully he had fun. Is that the word? To my hubby that would be fun, me? I’m not so sure.

    Happy Anniversary to your parents.

    c14 loved it! he thinks this is the best fun ever – wonder if he’ll still think that after the first game!

  2. look at that mess! good luck getting that clean!

    i’m wondering if it’s not better to just hope it stays a uniform color of brown?

  3. Thanks for the good wishes! 43 years and counting. Hope S9 got the birthday wishes. Love, Mom

    43 years. wow. that’s almost your entire life! 😉

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