one thing

happy birthday, s89!

nine years ago we welcomed you into our family.  and those doctors had the nerve to tell us, “there is only one more thing that we can try…”

turns out, all you needed was that one thing.

11 thoughts on “one thing

  1. Thank God for that one more thing! Happy Birthday. Jacob’s very jealous of the Pokemon hat.

    it was an early birthday present – and definitely a big hit! michael found a gigantic pokemon store in indonesia. he said they had everything!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! We miss you all! Hope you are having a great birthday somewhere close to your actual birthDAY!!!

    family celebration has already happened and birthday party will be the first friday dad’s in town. it’s better than some we’ve done 😉

  3. And what a sweet and loving boy he is. Miss those hugs. Love, Nanny

    he’s saving a few for you…

  4. Happy Bday! Looks like a good time was had by all. 🙂

    it was fun. it started out shaky, he wasn’t bowling well, but once he bowled one good bowl it all turned around!!

  5. happy birthday ! he is so grown up as well!

    they are all growing so fast, it’s scary. makes me feel old

  6. can’t see the one thing, but hippie happy birthday anyway! X

    no pic of the one thing. all pics of him. thanks for the hippie happy birthday wishes!

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