6 thoughts on “somethings are too good not to share – part deux

  1. But she is smiling…with teeth showing…and no judge look…wow!!!!! 🙂

    she was a judge inside! it’s always there simmering just underneath. 😉

  2. She is so beautiful. It’s like there’s just a quiet calmness, a confidence that seems to radiate from her whenever I see a picture of her.

    she has always had a seriousness about her. i think that can be a difficult nature, especially as a kid. others don’t always understand it. but she is very sweet and so kind hearted!!

  3. she looks so much older! she is turning into a young lady!

    way too quickly she’s turning into a young lady! it’s absolutely amazing.

  4. Oh we miss that girl, hope cried seeing her dad and said IF you guys come home to (colo.) next summer she “calls A11”. We all laughed! She looks so much older!

    right now we’re operating as if that IF is a will. the kids are already lobbying for how much time where and with who. hope is definitely at the top of a11’s list!!

  5. She is starting to look like she did last summer. I am so thankful – that old confidence is shining through.

    yes, we’re definitely on an up swing!

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