8 thoughts on “somethings are too good not to share

  1. He SO looks like you when we were growing up! It’s scary! There is no denying that one.

    i know. at church they wouldn’t let the two of us participate in the mother child matching game. said we were too easy to guess!

  2. Wow, that boy can bowl up a storm. And what a cutie, watch those hearts girls!

    well, if only he could bowl up a good storm. his storm was a little wacky.

  3. That’s awesome. I told you those curls are gorgeous. He’s definitely going to be fighting off the girls.

    thanks. he is a good looking boy, if i do say so myself.

  4. How could you NOT share that hair!

    my brothers have that hair and constantly fought it. he’s decided to just let it be! good choice i think.

  5. wow he looks so old!

    it’s hard to believe that 15 years ago we were pregnant together. yep, 15! ouch!

  6. Love the curls, got to see your man yesterday, we laugh and cried, we realized how much we miss you guys. great to see him and worship together!

    i heard. we im-d a bit today. i was at the mall – hiding from the maid – and crying as he told me about it. glad his visit has gone well.

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