patting myself on the back

some flair to share. 

tara at tara’s view of the world passed this along to me.  it’s so nice to be loved.

i’m passing it on to


and melissa at taking what is left sent this my way. 

i’m sending it on to

6 thoughts on “patting myself on the back

  1. Awww thanks chick! I heart you too. and that award is SO kick ass!

    you’re most welcome and deserving!

  2. Thank you. You are so sweet. I’m just happy if I can not feel like the worst mom ever everynight when I’ve tucked my kids in!

    You truly are a Kick Ass Blogger, and I definitely *heart* your blog.

    thanks mom24. i love seeing a post from you come into my feeder. makes me smile!

  3. Thank you so much! Thanks for hanging in there with me through all my downs (and that occassional up that is usually yarn related!). : )

    What’s the difference in passing it on and sending it on?

    you’re most welcome!! the only difference between the two is i didn’t want to repeat the verb… it’s one of those ocd things i’ve got going on!

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