i love you, too (u2?)

when i was a kid i loved tom t hall.  i still do.  finding these songs and videos on youtube made my day!!   i even almost came close to forgetting michael is in colorado.  it’s hard to pick a favorite, but this one could always be counted on to make me feel warm and fuzzy – it still does.

*and special message for hay – if you listen, you’ll hear he loves you.*

and i have to include this one for sarah bean.  it’s handy training.  and while hers isn’t a baby goat – the lesson is applicable.

7 thoughts on “i love you, too (u2?)

  1. Well of course….who doesn’t get caught up in a little Hay *fever* every now and then. Too funny.
    And I think he’s been to YOUR coffee shop!

    it does seem he’s been in my coffee shop, doesn’t it??

  2. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. I haven’t thought of Tom T Hall in years. I love his voice and his songs. Julianna liked the baby goat song.

    Hope you have a good weekend. (are having, yours is halfway through.)

    my parents still have the album, as in vinyl, at their house. and they have a turn table. i played the album for my kids last time i was there. i love it!

  3. Yep…definitely love U2…

    i just don’t remember it being u2, it seems somewhat different. and disappointing because i thought he was singing just to me, i didn’t realize bono was involved. sigh.

  4. I cant believe you didnt plug your hubbys blog!

    i don’t think he does the award thing… but i do try to link to him when i can 😉

  5. yep, i remember tom t. hall too!! funny..

    love tom t hall. i’m guessing that my kids’ tom t hall will be tom chapin. love him, too!

  6. Now I did see this at the time, but I can’t recall why I didn’t comment back then. I’m sure it was a very good reason *blush*.

    Anyway, too cute! 😀 lol

    no doubt you had a great reason!! 😀

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