5 thoughts on “i’ve got nothin’ for ya

  1. I hope he comes back ready to be super-dad and super-hubby. If he’s anything like mine he’ll come back super-tired and not ready for demands, but hey, it could happen!

    i’m hoping he’s well rested, too. but there will be the whole jet lag thing to deal with… but he usually does pretty well with that. much better than me.

  2. Awww hon, that’s tough. Recently my hubs flew back up north for a day, and I was so jealous. I wanted to know every detail and he was infuriatingly unexcited about it all. But hey, 8 months! That has gone quickly hasn’t it? And soon you will be heading home for good.

    i know. 8 months is almost unbelievable. the kids are already counting down to next summer – when we’ll all be visiting home (keep your fingers crossed!!)

  3. Glad he is here would rather have you here!

    thank you. i think i could have handled all those meetings and maybe looked productive, right? sure i could have.

  4. Your melancholy(I checked the spelling, but it looks wrong to me!) is coming through. I’m sorry. There are lots of ups and downs. I know. I’m feeling that this has been a “nice vacation”, but I’m ready to go home now.

    We did just get home from a successful dentist trip. PTL!

    the dentist can be so stressful!!

    luckily we’ve been quite busy so not much time to dwell on him being there.

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