a new favourite thing

what’s not so pretty on the outside?

and a bit ookie looking on the inside?

but tastes like heaven?

passiflora edulis.  how exotic and tropical.  who knew?

and now i’ve gone and made the mistake of introducing the kids to it.  it took a little convincing to get them to try it.  they thought it looked like frog eggs or something equally distasteful, but one bite convinced them otherwise.  and now i have to share.


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10 thoughts on “a new favourite thing

  1. Frog eggs captures it perfectly. lol. Foolish, foolish woman, never share the good stuff, keep them on broccoli and cauliflower!

    How fun to have new food treasures to discover. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that.

    i know! that’s like mom101 or something, isn’t it? i should have left it at that looks gross, i can’t eat that. i wouldn’t have to share…

  2. i hope that taste good cause it looks like yuck! email me i have some information. also wanted to see if chan has an email for cam.

    i agree, looks yuck. but is really, really tasty. like a little piece of heaven.

  3. So that’s what that looks like! Maybe I’ll try some with my eyes closed…..:)

    you quickly get over the looks. really, the smell alone is divine!

  4. It does look ookie. But I’d love to try it. 🙂

    it’s one of those who ever thought to eat that kind of things. they were brilliant!

  5. It looks too ookie for me. I don’t think I could do it.

    i think you could. surely there are some exotic foods in germany…

  6. Passion Fruit!!! Yummy…a favourite on pavlova in this part of the world!

    i have heard about the pavlova. it sounds lovely.

  7. Again I find myself agreeing with mom24…Never…ever…EVER share the good stuff with them! EVER!

    I know I could definitely try some of that…you know me…I’ll eat anything twice…the first taste might not have been the very best!

    i know. i know. what was i thinking… hopefully it won’t get me kicked out of the cool mommy club… 😉

    if all gore had given computers scent capabilities you wouldn’t even care how it looks. it smells that good.

  8. LOL, I always find it hard to believe that American’s haven’t experienced passionfruit. YUM is right. Great on ice cream too, but keep that to yourself.

    i find it absolutely amazing that all the fruits here are just everyday things and to me they are still so very exotic! and i will tell no one about the ice cream thing. i’ll just quietly try it after everyone’s gone to bed.

  9. l.o.l.
    me too.
    we have a PF vine in our back yard.
    as they’re growing, peeps pop out and etch their names surreptitiously into the skin, and when they’re ripe, the owner grabs and slurps… without sharing.
    mmmmm X

    oh my! new zealand is exotic! passion fruit in your own back yard!!

  10. Isn’t exotic just what we’re not used to though? I’m sure some every day things to you seem rather spesh to us! We have a passionfruit vine that hangs over our fence so we get the ones on our side lol. (Have you seen how beautiful their flowers are??google images has a few) Our other neighbour has a macadamia tree so we get a regular supply of nuts that have fallen on our lawn! And she brings over feijoas in season too! YUM! (Feijoas were new to me when I came to NZ…had never heard of them in Adelaide).

    i can’t think of anything that might be considered exotic that we had. maybe it’s all so everyday to me… and now i’m of to google feijoas!

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