*update* we’re getting busy ’round here

*i was totally prepared to cook dinner tonight, totally.  had the chopped stuff chopped – the diced stuff diced.  the meat in the pan to brown and went to turn on the burner and it went click, click, click, click.  no fire.  so, i tried again.  click, click, click.  no fire.  because… no propane.  and i have no idea how to get more propane.  that’s an exaggeration.  i know how, just haven’t ever done it.  guess i’m gonna figure it out.

yesterday, for the umpteenth day in a row, i did not cook dinner.  it just didn’t fit in the schedule.  i did, however,

  • meet a new friend for coffee.  most enjoyable.
  • attend a ladies fellowship.  very needed.
  • host another project/study session at our house for a group of 8th grade boys.  i think they may have managed a little bit of wii playing, but for the most part this one was all projecting and studying.
  • go to the orthodontist.  who thinks she can correct my bite, bring an end to my jaw locking and popping and the pain.  which would be a miracle.  for close to 20 years i’ve had issues with the locking and the popping and, for the past decade or so, i’ve added a constant dull ache to my list of complaints.  and sometimes a sharp stabbing kind of pain.  but now, hopefully, it will be brought to an end.  and that would make me so very happy.  and maybe a kinder, gentler kind of person.  maybe.
  • deliver c14 to youth group.
  • pick up dinner to take back to the other two.
  • pick up c14 from youth group.
  • look over some math homework.  i could have used a glass of wine for this item.  i find math to be tricky.  and, by this time at night, my mind was in no condition to handle any kind of higher math.  and i consider higher math to be anything that involves a letter.

and in and between all of these happenings showers occurred and bed times were enforced.  and some reading and knitting got done.  and this morning everyone was up and out the door on time.  today is much lighter, i had bible study.  and nothing else until s8’s tae kwon do.  and tonight, there is nothing.  not one thing on the schedule.  which means no excuse to not make dinner.  except that we have no groceries in the house.  so a trip to the grocery is in order.  which means a list must be made.  without it i lose total focus and end up coming home with cheese, crackers and wine.  which is great for me, enough wine and i’ll be able to tune out any complaining those kids can dish out.

4 thoughts on “*update* we’re getting busy ’round here

  1. Meh…even if you did make i to the store and prepare a beautiful, nutritious meal, someone would hate it, complain loudly, wheedle you into fixing them something completely different…

    Jaded, huh?

    I say grab the bottle of wine and head off to your room with the cheese and crackers…

    apparently cooking wasn’t meant to happen. empty propane tank. looks like cereal!

  2. What a day! It makes me tired just to read about it. Hope tonight is relaxing. It could happen, right? It’s funny, but it’s nights when we don’t have things going on that I end up doing the pizza thing. Probably not an option, huh?

    it happened!! it happened! i have to take it easy. no propane means no cooking. cereal it is.

  3. oh i was gonna ask what yas eat when mommy hasn’t cooked.
    we sometimes have GYO… Get Your Own… so the kids fossick in the pantry/fridge and find whatever’s edible…

    stink about the no-propane-mojo, at least you’ve now got tomorrow’s dinner all ready to go lol X

    way to go seeing the positive side. and you’re right. assuming i can get a propane tank today – i’m good to go!

  4. LOL… i am totally seeing how this could start to be one of my days sometime soon enough. and, people think mom’s sit around eating ‘bon bons’.

    i have introduced my friend at work your blog. remember, your introvert-extrovert graph? loved it!!! he & his wife are the same. and, he is enjoying reading your blog! I read him the part of your ‘higher math’ and he was a math major. good laughs. I am in total agreement with you on ‘higher math’.

    math is numbers and maybe one symbol. when you start adding letters and other symbols it becomes something all together different and impossible!

    the problem with a day like that is you could really use the bonbons – or i guess really, really want the bonbons and to curl up in the fetal position somewhere!

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