state of emergency

a state of emergency has been declared in bangkok.  there’s nothing happening where we are – that i know of – but i’m not in the loop.  michael flew out of bangkok this morning.  last night, he was at a hotel in bangkok and there was a family from australia there who has been stuck in bangkok for four days waiting for a flight to get home because they had to leave pukhet early.

5 thoughts on “state of emergency

  1. I was wondering about all that weirdness and you guys. Hang in there!

    it’s odd because it i didn’t have internet i would have no idea anything was happening. glad not to live in bangkok.

  2. I’m so sorry. Is it scary or just weird? I hope weird. Hopefully there’ll be calm soon. Take care.

    thanks. there is really no sign of it here at all. kind of odd. but there is talk about loss of electricity.

  3. it seems to be related to protesters from what I am seeing here on google news. didnt really understand. hope all is well.

    the underlying hope (i think) is that a either resignations or a coup will be forced by the protests.

  4. Never a dull moment…never…ever…

    Ccubed met someone in the Springs who knows bh and is coming there soon!

    small world, huh?

    we don’t do dull 😀

    let’s see if i have this right. she met someone who is currently in the springs and who also knows michael and is also coming to the thailand? i’m thinking that’s what that says, but it’s early and i’m still sleep bleary

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