adding fuel to the fire

i’m trying to catch up with all the news of what’s going on here.  figure it all out or at least try to gain some kind of understanding.

Thailand’s election commission ruled Tuesday that Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej’s party committed electoral fraud in the December elections and should be dissolved, state media reported.

i think i might need some kind of political translator to help out.

4 thoughts on “adding fuel to the fire

  1. Good luck with that translator!

    Ditto what mom24 said!

    thanks – so far nothing happening here, but there are rumors of electric and water cuts. but from what i can read those probably won’t effect us.

  2. Chiang Mai seems as peaceful as always this morning. If I didn’t read the news I’d have no idea. Strange world huh?

    i know. i find it very odd. or maybe it’s just unfamiliar.

  3. What a mess. We still have our water and electricity! They are still protesting, even though it’s illegal during a state of emergency. I figure the PM will step down soon and dissolve the House, and then we’ll be stuck with an interim PM until elections can be held again. (Which won’t be soon since the king’s sister is being cremated in November.) It’s ridiculous what’s going on. (And everyone know’s there was major vote-buying by the current PM’s party, but they would probably still have won majority without it.) Make any sense at all?

    thanks. i needed a bite size synopsis of what was going on. i’ve been sorting through news articles and sort of had it, but this is most helpful!!

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