9 thoughts on “silent sunday – the reveal

  1. She looks absolutely gorgeous. What a haircut…what a smile!

    thanks! i was worried she would regret cutting it, but she loves it. and it looks so much healthier! she hates pony tails and braids, so this works so much better.

    i corrected my error in judgment and have edited your comment to remove any and all evidence that i erred in any way! i’m sure you understand.

  2. Wow. My favorite haircut A11 has ever had. I was hoping that was the cut. Tell her she looks gorgeous. Love, Nanny

    i will tell her! she will be very glad to hear.

  3. WOO HOO!!! now that is très chic!!!
    love the new ‘do.
    mwah X

    if only it could look like that without being blown dry!!

  4. Oh lovely, far more managable, especially with swimming and whatnot.

    she says it’s wonderful for swimming! i hadn’t even thought of that.

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