after school activities

the first week of school an after school activities sheet was handed out to the kids.  they’ve never been sports minded in the past, so i made sure a11 and c14 were signed up for chess and thought we were good.

a few days later a11 comes home and says, “i’ve always wanted to be on a swim team.”  i have never, ever, never heard her say anything of the like, but whatever…  i email the guy who’s handling the signups and get her added for swimming.  and start her on a 12,000 calorie a day diet.

then, about a week after the sign ups are due, c14 says, “i wanna play rugby.  do you think it’s too late to sign up?”  causing me to hyperventilate.  rugby seems a pretty big jump from no interest what-so-ever in team sports.  rugby, really?  i thought this was an american school – americans, true americans, don’t play rugby.  they play american football.  which involves vast amounts of pads and protection.  and, even though i have great reservations about his safety, i sign him up, keeping my fingers crossed that it’s too late.  which, of course, it’s not.  rumor has it he’s the only 8th grader, which makes him the youngest and probably the smallest.  but, i’m sure he will be fine, right?

the first practice was yesterday and i stood as far away from the action as was possible – not out of fear of stray balls or anything, but more in an effort to not humiliate my son – zoomed the camera in as far as i could and shot some photos.  because i knew you’d want to see.

i don’t have any swimming pictures, i’ll have to work on that.

oh, and what’s s8 doing?  well, completely against his every wish he’ll be taking tae kwon do. at least until basketball season starts up.

5 thoughts on “after school activities

  1. thats really cute and stuff but we want to see the haircut you mentioned earlier

    look for those pics about noon your time saturday…

  2. They like to keep us guessing. Hope he likes Rugby and stays all in one piece. Swim team? Again, it’s the keep you guessing thing. Just make sure she knows you get a cut when she’s rich and famous. She can pay you back for the 12,000 calories!

    i’m thinking i’ll have a contract drawn up now so i know my cut is protected!

  3. She is a really good swimmer and has a great shape for it!

    Rugby is a lot of fun to watch…I guess I will feel differently when it is Bubba!

    And at the rate that she burns off food She will definitely need those calories!

    it’s such a different world for us. practices and games and meets and such. we’ll be go go go

  4. busy busy is a good way to be as long as you get a few breaks, we just started soccer and noah wants to do tennis and tae kwon do and guitar, not sure how we can fit all that in.

    my busy will look nothing like your busy. all practices are immediately after school. at school. no driving around like crazy…

  5. Why on Earth are c14 and a11 playing their new hearts’ desires and s8 has to do tkd against “his every wish”? What would he wish to do? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂 Also, both rugby and American football (which starts next week and since the Rockies are out and the Broncos have no losses this regular season, I am quickly shifting my sports loyalties!) use a prolate spheroid for a ball. Nice, huh. Love wikipedia. Miss you. When do you come back, again?

    basketball is s8’s heart’s desire, but it’s not happening right now and he needs to do some sort of physical activity and tkd seems to be the least repulsive to him. maybe it will grow on him. summer 2009 it looks like we will be visiting!! we’re working no our north american tour dates right now.

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