who knew

i’d heard of social networking. even set up accounts with technorati and stumbleupon, but that’s as far as i’d gone.  i didn’t really see the point of it and didn’t want to put any energy into looking into what it is really all about.  but i have now seen the light.  thanks to jennifer at playgroups are no place for children (which i also happen to think is the best ever blog title).  i sent her some links to a few of – what i deem to be – my best posts.  and she stumbled one of them.  her email to me said

(also, I stumbled your post about saying “I farted” instead of “excuse me”!  Funny!)

and look what happened!

and on a saturday at that!  i spent the entire day as a slave to my stats.  i was amazed and mortified.  all those people stumbled here to read about me informing the whole of thailand that i farted.  and now, if you’ll notice, in my side bar excuse me, um… i farted is my number one post.  and that’s okay – i’ll gladly trade my pride for a little taste of popularity.


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4 thoughts on “who knew

  1. That is so cool! I love Jennifer. You’re blog is definitely deserving of some recognition.

    thanks, mom24. jennifer is pretty cool, isn’t she? i didn’t get into blogging for any other reason but to keep friends and family involved. but the blog community is great, which is just a big ol’ bonus!

  2. I’ve seen the light, too. I just haven’t anything about it. So my blog continues in relative obscurity. Oh well…:)

    this was probably my 15 minutes of fame and now i will sink back into anonymity…

  3. I don’t have you here to walk me through it and I’m scared!

    nothin’ to be frightened of… you’re most capable. you are a lizard wrangler!

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