sick day

i kept a11 home today. she had a fever when she went to bed last night and i am a big stickler for the fever free for 24 hour rule before returning to school. so as much as she wanted to go – i wouldn’t let her. i forced her to stay home. well, i forced her not to go to school. and about 11 this morning the two of us started getting restless. she felt fine and i was tired of being cooped up. so we ran to the post office and we went and got gas, nothing too stressful. and since we were already out i figured we might as well have lunch.

that’s one amazing sandwich

and then we made a trip to the hardware store for screening so i can repair the screens that the dog has torn up. love that dog. but our day didn’t feel complete. there was still something missing, something we needed to do. so we did it. i can’t tell you exactly what it was, yet. but i can give a hint.

a proper unveiling is to come – she’s got someone she wants to surprise before i can show the world.

6 thoughts on “sick day

  1. Oh my goodness! So exciting. I hope she was thrilled. Glad she’s feeling better too.

    Thank you for being a stickler about that rule–I think it’s important too. I so love the parents who pump their kids full of Tylenol and send them off–to get everyone else sick.

    Looks like you two had fun.

    she’s tickled! and we did have a lovely time.

    i’m all about not getting other people’s kids sick. and get furious when i know some one’s sent their kid to school when they shouldn’t!!

  2. Can’t Wait for the unveiling! Sounds like a fun mother daughter day!

    sunday, the post is all ready to go for sunday!

  3. Can’t wait to see the haircut. Mimi and I have been guessing how it is cut. We figure shoulder length. Anyway what a wonderful day. Love, Mom

    i promised her i’d keep it secret!

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