is that edible?

a few of us in our house seem to be passing germs back and forth. s8 was sick friday and saturday, a11 was sick sunday and monday, and today it was me. yay me. and being the sensitive gal that she is and hating to see her mother suffer alone a11 relapsed and had to be picked up from school. i’m pretty sure we’re not actually sharing the same germs, because we all have different symptoms. s8 had a sore throat and cough, a11’s problems are of the gastrointestinal variety and i had a migraine and some nauseousness – most likely caused by the migraine. and now a11 has a fever.

but illness will not stop the group project/study session/wii playing plans of 14 year olds. and it won’t stop them from eating. but a migraine will stop me from participating in any and all food preparation. and i discovered that four 14 year old boys in charge of ordering pizza is scary. at least to me. they were thrilled. they ordered 4 large funny crust pizzas. and i don’t mean funny ha-ha. i mean funny gross. they had a sausage and cheese crust. and i’m not exactly sure what they put in sausage here. it’s not like any sausage i’ve had. not pork sausage or italian sausage or link sausage or vienna sausages or even hot dogs. it’s gross sausage. and those boys loved it. and ate it all.

and then they ate all the peanut butter cookies i made yesterday. not one crumb was left.

6 thoughts on “is that edible?

  1. four 14 year olds in your house, you are a brave woman!

    i know. crazy! and i think we have another day of it this week. they are very big on group projects here!

  2. You are wonderful! I hope they appreciate you didn’t cancel even when you had the migraine. I know they didn’t though. 😉 That’s too much to ask of 14 year olds. Sausage in general, is scary. I don’t like to think too much about what could be in it. Hot dogs either.

    Hope you’re all feeling better soon. Especially you. It’s hard to cope with anything when you’re the one who’s sick.

    there saving grace was the ability to ride home from school on the songthaew. had i had to drive it would have been a no go. the only involvement i had was the occasional peek my head in and make sure it wasn’t all wii playing that there was some projecting and studying going on. oh and forking over the moolah for dinner – that was pretty important!!

    today seems to be better. i kept a11 home because of her fever last night, but she seems good. and i still feel a little puckish, but nothing awful. just not 100%, yet!! thanks.

  3. Wow. that looks vile. It looks like school pizza. Eeew.

    school pizza is better. trust me. funny thing, now that you mention it, no school pizza here. makes sense, i guess.

  4. Monica, it was lovely to have a message from you over at mine. I’ve left an answer to you there. I like your blog – I’ll be back… JJx

    thanks! i foundyou from my thailand diary.

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