i hope they were comforted

i’ve been wanting to do one of those posts that shows all the just flat out weird google searches people do to find my blog, i mean really wanting to do one, but i haven’t been able to. because no one finds my blog through any out there, wacky, weird or any other kind of salacious search terms. and then yesterday someone stumbled onto my blog while searching for the following

wii plugged into 220 voltage help dead

and my heart went out to them. because i remember that pain. i remember the flat out our world has ended feeling my family had when the our 110 voltage wii got plugged into one of our 220 volt outlets. and the power light went so very dark. it was bad. it was bottomless.

but i’m hoping that whoever this was stayed around long enough to see that there is hope. that those folks at nintendo who are brilliant enough to give us wii fit know their target audience. they knew that someone at sometime would have reason to have a 110 volt wii system in a land of 220 volts. and they protected us from ourselves.


**lookie at my new social networking skillz. i’m just testing this out. i don’t really think this post is networking worthy, but i wanted to see if i could make this work.**

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11 thoughts on “i hope they were comforted

  1. Hey, the spider pictures are gone from the sidebar!! YEAH!!! Thank you.

    I don’t know what those networking things are??

    i thought it was time i do something about that spider. he was a bit creepy… the networking things are to increase blog traffic and help network in the whole bloggy world. something i know very little about really, other than how to add that bar.

  2. aww, that’s one sad we searchie right there.

    yay you, reaching out through the interwebs to help the poor soul 😉

    awesome networking skillz by the way

    it’s heartbreaking, i know. but it’s always nice to know that there’s hope!!

  3. Well, at least you’re not getting your name and the word nude coming up as your most popular searches! I have the same first and last name as a younger Canadian actress (I knew they didn’t want to see me naked), so I’m sure they’re highly disappointed! I mentioned nude on my blog twice lol, but never pertaining to me!

    So, how many appliances/electronics have died??? We killed our fair share of things, you’re not alone there LOL!

    oh, i am quite glad i’m not paired with nude for a popular search. it’s not a pretty picture!! not that i actually have a picture of that!

    we’ve only had issues with the one. the kids have done well with their ds’s and not plugging them into the wrong place and our only other appliance that could cause problems hasn’t been plugged in, yet. i plan to rectify that this week!!

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  5. you’re becoming a blog geek… ha ha. i barely update mine, as you might know. good for you, you will get us all connected in the blog world. at my work, I call this ‘research’ ;^)

    i’m all about the research and being the guinea pig:D

  6. How terribly sad for them. They might of had to resort to conversation. The terror! *Runs off to hug her playstation*

    conversation! like talking to each other and listening?? that’s so last century!

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