s8’s not feeling so good

s8’s sick.  he’s got a sore throat and an upset stomach.  nothing big, but he’s feeling pretty wiped out.  last night when i went in to check on him, he gave me a very pitiful look and said, “i know why i’m sick.  i’ve got dengue fever.”  it’s going around these parts and is frequently the topic of conversation.  and apparently he’s been listening.   i assured him he doesn’t have the correct symptoms for dengue fever and he looked at me relieved and said, “good, i’ll live then.”

3 thoughts on “s8’s not feeling so good

  1. what an imagination on that kid!

    it can be so stressful being a kid and all imaginative like that!!

  2. I’m glad it’s not dengue fever. I can’t even relate to what it would be like to live somewhere where that was a possibility. Hope he’s feeling more like himself soon. Poor little guy. My eight year old’s not feeling very good either–sore throat, headache and exhaustion.

    those are pretty much the same symptoms he has. i diagnose it as first of school exhaustion! 😀

  3. Aww, poor little man….hope he’s feeling better.

    he’s a sharer. but at least he’s feeling better!

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