just a delicate little flower

carless still. but things had to get done today. i had a lunch date and c14 needed a few more and different than we already bought school supplies. i left the house early, allowing plenty of time for getting from here to there mishaps, and ended up at the meeting place with over an hour to spare. what do you do with an extra hour? well, if you have $5 you get a foot massage and take a little nap.

i managed to sleep for most of the hour. and was left with reinvigorated feet and these

as you can see, i am just so tender.

6 thoughts on “just a delicate little flower

  1. must have been some foot massage!

    after my first thai foot massage i swore i would never do it again, because it hurt. but i seem to have developed a tolerance

  2. That doesn’t look so fun to me, but maybe if you slept through it it wasn’t as bad as it looks. Take care of yourself.

    i am always a bit shocked by the part where they hit me. at the very end they make a fist and up and down my leg they go and then on the soles of my feet. not really hard, but not so gentle, either.

  3. I know the last whole body massage I got they were a bit rough and I was uncomfortable but then I had one that wasnt very deep and I didnt get as much out of it!

  4. Well, I remember that Thai foot massage. At they end she tried to pull my toes off, I’m sure. However, I would do it again. Yes, they get a little rough and I am sure such a delicate flower as you would be bruised by their care. Love, Mom

    i knew you’d get it.

  5. OUCH! I get bruised like that too with deep tissue massages.

    i was surprised i was able to sleep through it. i know it was done with thumbs…

  6. Yikes! Sue them.

    i’ve decided to power through and keep at it until it just feels good! at least it’s a plan.

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