how does it compare

just got a call from the mechanic. the cost for the new radiator will be about $125 us. that’s for installation and everything. i have no idea of car repair costs. other than oil changes. and i certainly have no idea about car repair costs in thailand.

if you know – how much would a new radiator and install cost where you are?

7 thoughts on “how does it compare

  1. That’s a sweet freaking deal. A brand-new radiator for our Trailblazer (dealership ate it) was $610, including installation. It was going to be $490 for a rebuilt, so I’m glad they sprung for the brand new 🙂

    yeah, there are somethings that are pretty good here.

  2. Get the thing installed NOW before he realizes he could charge you about 5 times that much.

    they are on their way now! making a house call.

  3. Wow! That is incredible news. We’d be looking in the $750 range. Yeah for Thailand.

    yes, another reason to say yeah for thailand!!

  4. That’s a great deal. Yeah, wheels! It is not great to be stranded – however, you can get around pretty well over there without a car.

    almost anytime i’ve dealt with car issues i’ve feared i was gonna be hoodwinked. very happy to not have that concern this time.

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