wonder what a health inspector would have to say about this

with the car out of service i’m having to improvise. which, this morning, meant that instead of heading back to bed for an extra 45 minutes of sleep after the kids were out the door i had to be ready to leave when the kids did. which is bright and early. fortunately, there are interesting things to see early in the morning. like the guy who delivers the meat delivering the meat.

i wasn’t fast enough to get a better picture

in the bed of his probably not sanitized truck. all exposed to the elements: the 80 degree weather, the air, the bugs, the whatever else might be blowing around. and people wonder why i don’t buy my meat at the open air market.

and speaking of the car. the radiator can’t be repaired so the search is on for a replacement. i’m thinking that doesn’t sound good. or cheap.

6 thoughts on “wonder what a health inspector would have to say about this

  1. one word: yuck.

    or three – ignorance is bliss…
    (until the food poisoning kicks in, i guess)

    many times i go with the “ignorance i bliss” thing. i’m pretty sure that when we eat from the vendors and small noodle shops they get their meat from the markets. so far, so good.

  2. It’s amazing the things we take for granted here that we don’t even know we’re taking for granted.

    sorry for the bad news on the car. Hope it doesn’t get too pricey.

    i know, concerns i never knew i’d have…

  3. you guys will come back with stomachs that can take just about anything.

    i would say NO WAY in H… for anymore brocolli. I was eating my lunch.. nice peeled carrots from Wal-mart. mostly clean, i should hope. apparently, we live pretty posh her in COS

    i know, we had no idea of how good we had it!!

  4. Yeah, that open air market meat can just stay there. In fact all of the meat in Baku can just stay here, it’s horrible.

    i just go on faith that the grocery store meat is fine… it seems very fresh and high quality.

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