acid rain

today, while michael and i were out running some errands, it acid rained all over our windshield. kind of freaky, huh? michael was quick to point out it wasn’t acid rain. it was antifreeze. which it seems isn’t supposed to spray all over your windshield. so we called the mechanic. who sent out his speak thai only mechanic helpers. he let michael know they were on their way and might be calling us if they get lost. which he realized might be a problem – seeing as how we don’t speak thai all that well. they made it all on their own and popped the hood and sure enough, no suprise, the radiators all wonky. well, really worse than wonky. it’s broke. busted. sick. i expected them to try to get the car to their shop, somehow, in some special thai way. i was even looking forward to that. but, instead, they did a different special thai thing. they removed our radiator – right there in our driveway.

the busted radiator

our radiator’s better side

and they took it with them. leaving us with a promise to return tomorrow with a repaired, or new, or some kind of alternate radiator. so in our driveway sits our car.

with a radiator size hole under the hood.

and being the pet lover that i am, i washed down the driveway. doing my best to get rid of any and all signs of deadly radiator fluid.

3 thoughts on “acid rain

  1. Well, at least you didn’t have to buy a new computer. When it rains it pours. Sorry, couldn’t resist. That really does stink. I hate car problems. So out of our control, and usually, so expensive. Hope this one turns out not to be too expensive.

    Antifreeze and pets scares the tar out of me too

    isn’t that the truth. i am hoping the car isn’t too expensive, too. i’m still somewhat worried that i didn’t get all the antifreeze, but i really am sure i did.

  2. That sucks about the radiator, AND, I am so jealous of how green it is there!

    but it’s all done and over with and we’re good to tear up the roads here for a little bit at least!!

    it is lovely and green and humid here. like 88% humidity. that makes ya sweat!!

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