i want to thumb wrestle an orangutan

i’m not exactly sure what my internet issues are – i’m afraid they are more computer related than internet. yesterday at wawee i was on their computer and today i’m on a computer at the mall and having no issues. but on my own computer i can’t access much from wordpress. i can see my own blog because i don’t have wordpress in my url. and i can log into wordpress because there is nothing in front of the wordpress in the url, but my computer or internet (probably computer) doesn’t seem to like to combine the two. so not only can i not log into my admin page – i cannot access any of the wordpress blogs i normally read. i can read them in my feeder, but i can’t comment on them. so here i sit, at the mall, hangin with the cool kids and internetin’.

it’s actually very entertaining. there is some sort of talent show going on, a star search type thing. and a pretty large, loud, screaming crowd has gathered and every once in a while they squeal en mass. very shrilly. i’m wishing i had my camera because there is also a very large blue fuzzy tv mascot walking around.

so, not much exciting going on here. s8, a11 and i are hanging out waiting for c14. he’s gone to see wall-e with a friend. the other two want to see it, too, but i’m making them wait so they can see it with their dad. and speaking of michael, he’s in indonesia thumb wrestling orangutans. he gets to travel the world and have all the fun. i’ve been doing my math and in the next month he will only be home 4 days. and the airport calculations – he’ll be in and out of 9 different airports 21 different times in 6 different countries. like i said, he has all the fun. that airport calculation includes the trip he’s currently on.

3 thoughts on “i want to thumb wrestle an orangutan

  1. It’s incredible to me what a strong woman you are. Michael couldn’t do what he does if he didn’t have you to take care of the very important things back home. Raising three kids might not be as exciting, or sometimes as rewarding as thumb wrestling organutans or living in airports (OK, it’s probably as frustrating as that one at times), but it’s super-important.

    I hope the computer issues magically resolve themselves. I’m sure a computer and internet are pretty vital for your mental health!

    thanks. most days it doesn’t feel like any big thang, all the travel and such. but there are days where it gets to me. and it’s nice to hear kind words.

  2. I’ve done the virtual single mom thing as well, but I can’t imagine what it would be like doing it in a foreign country.

    Hang in there. But stay away from the orangutans. Seriously. They are big and strong and haven’t you seen enough of the fabulous medical facilities there? 🙂

    oh, that was my first thought when he told me the thumb wrestling thing… you could lose an arm that way!!

  3. again you amaze us all with your strength! i hope everyone in your house knows what you do for them each and every day!!! miss you.

    i’ve made them read some of these comments to remind them 🙂

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