we seem to be having internet issues and for some reason i haven’t been able to get onto my blog for days.  so i’ve been forced to go back to my thai roots and blog from wawee.

times are tough.

three days into the school year and we’ve only had one break down of the “i wish we’d never moved here” variety.  pretty good, i think.  i was looking at the school calendar yesterday and was suprised to see that there is no school break for thanksgiving day.  i don’t know why that took me by suprise – it won’t be thanksgiving here.  i guess because it’s an american school i just assumed.  it’s just as well, i’ve never cooked a turkey, and don’t think i could get one anyway.  but we could have a duck with it’s head on, sort of like the one in the christmas story.

7 thoughts on “issues

  1. Oh no. No duck. head on OR off. Have a pineapple instead. Lol.

    Oooo, want. coffee.

    or possibly a coconut from our neighbors yard…

  2. I’ve missed you. Hope the internet is better soon. US Women took gold, silver in the all-around gymnastics. It was awesome. Michael Phelps got his 6th gold, and 6th world record.

    I’m glad the kids are (mostly) at ease with being there. It must be hard on all of you at times.

    Have a great weekend.

    i am afeared it is my computer and not my internet. i am at the mall using their computer right now. i will have to take my computer to wawee and see how it does. i used wawee’s computer yesterday!!

    yeah girls gymnastics!! it is one of my favorites. that and i love diving, too!

  3. Only one meltdown? Not too bad, considering.

    And the duck? In a toaster oven? I’d pass on that one. 🙂

    and it was all silly preteen angst really. so no biggie!!

    hadn’t thought about the duck having to be cooked in the toaster oven. maybe i’ll go for a precooked chicken. or really, we could just have our favorite dishes and those are all carbs. no meat.

  4. yeah, remember when i tried to cook the turkey in the roasting oven in Colorado? that was a huge disaster! glad no breakdowns, our house is in a huge uproar! email me private or I may send a letter to fill you in!

    i do seem to remember that turkey. but what i remember most was our extra guests and their dirty jokes… i’ll email when i get home. i can still do that, at least.

  5. As I was reading your post the foam on the coffee actually started moving! Me thinks I’ve been on the computer too long today! Either that or I really miss Starbucks…either one is possible.

    I saw two Jeannie-O whole turkeys in the market yesterday….I didn’t have enough money so I need to go back today….hope they are still there.

    i’m gonna start keeping my eyes out at the market. i bet frozen turkey wouldn’t be the strangest thing to show up.

  6. oh yeah, i forgot about those unexpected guest til now! that was a crazy thanksgiving I also recall having just had surgery and being a knee brace and you being in a foot brace from breaking your foot! to much crazyness for one house

    no, it was a fantastic thanksgiving. great memories!!

  7. i love the gymnastics, that’s what I mostly have been seeing. i really want to watch a video on the rowing. i love that, and it was on this weekend. the women won gold. i caught a minute of it.

    glad to hear they are mostly excited about the new year. d5 just started at Academy Internat’l on Friday last week. unbelievable….

    i haven’t watched much rowing, ever. but i would have liked to have seen a bit of the sailing. it’s not one of those crowd pleasers though. diving i love the diving, it just amazes me. and, of course, the gymnastics! miss those!

    how was the first day of school?? i’ll have to email you about it.

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