out the door

the kids are out the door and on their way to school. and they’ve taken their first day jitters with them. but they seem to have left a few behind for me.

and i’ve figured out why i wasn’t able to watch the youtube videos of the olympics. and now i can watch them. that’s not really true. i have no idea why i can watch them today when i couldn’t yesterday. but i can. i do think some moments might be missing. the opening ceremony video is 13 min long – that doesn’t include the parade of countries. now we know how i will be spending the kids first day of school and that it might not include all the cookie makin’ stuff i’ve got in the kitchen.

3 thoughts on “out the door

  1. I’m so glad for you. Personally, 13 minutes sounds just about perfect for the opening ceremonies. 😉 Hope the kids have a great start to their new year. Make the cookies in a few weeks–think how surprised they’ll be.

    i’m thinking i’ll make some cookies this weekend. since michael will be home sunday and he didn’t get any last time.

  2. Wow, back to school already? Kids don’t start back here til September.

    i know, it got here fast! but it’s pretty close to the same time as their friends in the states are starting. what happened to the start after labor day and get out before memorial day days??

  3. I’m missing out with you, but just catching the headlines has been ok for me.

    Kids are home another week and a half. Hope you can fill your days with good things.

    Killed a JUMBO spider today, looked like your pics, but I didn’t stop to take any. My dd ran up two flights of stairs and yelled down, IS IT DEAD YET? Tried to talk my son(6) into being the boy (I didn’t mind sounding sexist when it suits me) and getting it. But, no, it was up to me. YUCK!

    i’m with you. i’m all about the men in the family having bug duty!! i’m sure he’ll grow into the role. 🙂

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