a cry for help

i am desperate. the desperatest of desperate. and i need help.

i have an olympic size hole in my life and i am unable to fill it. i have visions of friends and family and even strangers sitting around their televisions watching swimmers swim, weigth lifters weight, volleyball teams volley, divers dive and pretty soon gymnasts will be gymning and i have seen none of it. i haven’t even seen one stroke of any of that phelps guy on his way to any of the nine (it is nine, right?) medals. well, i did see a little bitty bit of some little bitty ladies lifting some not so little bitty weights. but just minutes of – while i waited at the dentist.

you wanna know how you can help? feed me info. tell me the highlights. what exciting moments are worthy of me spending my precious time scouring the internet for video of?? come on – help a gal out.

and those of you who are watching say a “yay” for me when something yay worthy happens.

9 thoughts on “a cry for help

  1. oh well, i have a tv and haven’t been watching the olympics, so wanna just borrow mine?

    haven’t been watching – like you have better things to do!!!;) we actually have two tvs. just no satellite or antenna.

  2. w-e-e-e-e-l-l… our latest ecstatic news is that mahe drysdale has made the semis for the rowing… and our hockey boys had a really good win: 3 -1 against south korea… and moss burmeister is in the final of the 200m butterfly…
    i’m glad you asked lol X

    ummm… hockey? i didn’t know there was soccer olympics hockey….

  3. The swimming was AWESOME. I heard that one of the NBC sites is showing things live on the internet. You could check into that. Michael Phelps won his 9th gold medal last night. At this olympics he’s one three golds and set three world records doing it. He swims again tonight. Several women won meals in swimming too, sorry I don’t remember specifics. We also won gold and silver in a men’s swimming race that Michael Phelps wasn’t in.

    The men’s gymnastics team which wasn’t expected to do anything, since the Hamm’s pulled out, won the bronze medal. They were terrific. very, very good.

    The women’s beach volleyball team beat the cubans.

    So sorry! I love the olympics.

    i can’t view the nbc site in thailand. it’s so unfair!! i’m sort of hoping we will be able to purchase videos of the events after it’s all over.

  4. Go to the 2008 Olympics official site and watch the men’s 400 relay from Sunday night. OMG!!! It was just SO GOOD. The best race I’ve ever seen!!!!

    so my sad sack sob story only gets worse… the youtube videos don’t show up for me… i’ve subscribed and all. but i’m gonna start searching for that race!

  5. I’m so outraged that NBC WWW is not available outside the U.S.. That’s insane! I’m going to ask the engineers at work if they have any ideas for you. Hugs,

    i think it’s a wee bit nutty, too. no nbc outside of america. it is the world wide web!!!

  6. I think that so far the swimming has been amazing. Michael Phelps is of course dominated. The 4 x 200m relay that I watched today was awesome as was the men’s 400 a few days ago. The men’s gymnastic team was awesome as well.

    I wonder if you can get your hands on an AFN decoder? AFN is for Armed Forces Network and they have satelite service. The Embassy employees most of the time have one….maybe someone there is selling one, or maybe they are having some viewing parties you could attend?

    so far no viewing parties. probably if i went down to the pub or something i could see some, but then what to do with those darn kids?

  7. can you see anything on http://en.beijing2008.cn/ ??

    ok… my nights for the last 2 weeks have been… get everyone to bed and I watch the olympics for 2-3 hours and I knit… crazy. have been thinking of you, does that help. mostly, gosh I wish Monica was here to help me with the mess i just created on my knitting…

    well… i love the gymnastics. last night it was a true tie for Gold bw the china girl Kexin HE and Nastia LIUKIN. then, all this new scoring system, Nastia got the silver. it really sucked, to be perfectly honest. and Kexin even had a step after her landing and technically Nastia should have won. better all around performance, but with the new scoring it was weird. they were complaining on NBC and this is the second time this happened in gymnastics. it happened with bad scoring on the men’s.

    let’s see… my friend Heather, here in COS has her nephew playing on the USA Baseball team. Jayson Nix. Bad news, he got hit in the eye 43 stitches, so he can’t play. Apparently, last weeks USA vs China gave was dirty… 6 people got expelled including the chinese coach and maybe our asst coach. it started with our pitcher accidently hitting a chinese player, then (my office mate version) the chinese players hitting our great players intentionally. Rumors about removing baseball as an olympic sport. and then, rumors about removing softball as an olympic sport too. apparently, US is the only one that has ever won. same thing with baseball, but I don’t think we’re doing too well, since they hit our great players.

    i’ve pretty much given up on watching. the clips can load painfully slow so i’ve been reading. but there are a few things i would like to see. i imagine they might be on a highlights video, i’ll have to look into that.
    i do like some baseball. i can’t imagine getting hit in the eye by a baseball – those things move fast and are quite hard!!

  8. http://en.beijing2008.cn/ has a ton of information, I have been checking it out. Also, I have just purchased the Beijing Highlights DVD that will come out Sept 30 08. It’s going to have all the highlights and apparently, the opening/closing ceremony. If it makes you feel better, I missed the AMAZING opening ceremony. They had 2008 drummers and was just AWESOME performance. One of the guys i work with thought it was computer generated because it was so perfect. i heard about dancers actually drawing on a huge paper and you saw it in the performance.

    there’s been lots of swimming… phelps. phelps… we know what he eats and his daily schedule. wake up, eat, swim, eat, swim, swim, eat, sleep… 12,000 caleries or something crazy like that.

    let us know if you can see the official beijing site and if you can see anything that way…

    there is lots of talk here about what phelps is eating. it is pretty amazing!! the official beijing site works and i can see the clips. so not all is lost. i just can’t do have those late night olympic watching times. the ones where you discover sports you never heard of, but become fascinated by them!

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