the day after tomorrow

is the first day of school and i have a hankering to go school supply shopping – but we haven’t any lists. so we’ve had to make do with shoe shopping. where i learned that my eight year old son wears a size seven shoe. men’s size seven. that is about one size smaller than i wear. and it seems like it might be freakishly abnormal.

3 thoughts on “the day after tomorrow

  1. Wow! My eight year old son wears a kid size 13. He’s barely made it out of the toddler sizes and into the kid sizes. I think he’s abnormal on the other end of the spectrum. A seven? Wow! Is he tall? Jacob’s a bit on the short side, but not so much that it would stand out in a crowd. Do they go to an American school, or a Thai? Hope they have a good start.

    he is pretty tall. he’s about 1/2 and inch taller than his 11 year old sister. and she’s average for 11. he’s just all around big. sort of like a puppy.

    they’re school is an international school with an american curriculum. but there are a good percentage of thai kids there, it’s one of the things we liked about the school. they don’t have the option of going to a thai school – you have to be thai to attend one.

  2. we start school on Friday… OMG, little d5 is growing up. Really miss you around school time to hold my hand through this big change in our family.

    s8 has always been on his own path. you knew from the start. you shouldn’t be surprised really.?! ;^) love to all and looking forward to hearing about their school days. i promise I’ll write on my blog again. got lots of ideas I want to share.

    wow. first day of school!! wow. can’t believe it. how exciting and scary. how are you guys holding up??

    i know – he’s his own boy!

  3. wow, sounds like cam who is now in a mens 12!!! so glad to hear they are starting now I can tell noah who is dying because he starts on the 14th! hope to hear lots of school stories! ps we got lucky on school supplies I just pay $52 and the school supplies all except this super complicated binder!

    size 12, good times are comin’.

    let noah know he’s not the first. that my kids are miserable one day before him! 😀

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