taking me back


one of my big fears
when we knew we were moving
what about my hair

to let it grow out
seemed like the smartest option
so that’s what i did

ten months no real cut
my hair driving me crazy
getting way too long

woke up this morning
decided to take control
had to do something

feel more like myself
out from under all that hair
could take on the world

my not quite – but almost – blue steel face

26 thoughts on “taking me back

  1. Looks like a nice and easy and good looking haircut! I didn’t cut my hair for a long time when I was in Japan because the language barrier was tough enough when there really wasn’t one. 😉 Cute haiku and cute hair, too.

    it was most helpful that i found a salon where english is spoken!!

  2. Hot mama! Hankering for a haircut meself.

    it was interesting how difficult i found when it actually came to cutting it. i hadn’t had hair that long since i was 13. and as much as i didn’t like it, there were times when i did. and it’s one of those things that there is no quick fix for!! all that said, i am so happy i cut it! i told michael it felt like i had taken off a disguise.

  3. You look awesome! What a great haircut. I cut off ten inches of my hair when I lived in the States and have been fighting with it since. I’m letting it grow out so I can tie it all up in a ponytail again.

    the only thing i wanted to do with longer hair was put it in a pony tail. but my hair is so fine and thin it made for a sad little pony tail and drove me crazy!! but what a pain it is to grow out. hope yours grows quickly!

  4. It’s so pretty! Great job! If you ever get tired of it short thought, I thought the curls were great too.

    thanks. it really was much tougher to get it cut than i thought it would be. so maybe someday the curls will return.

  5. I love your blue steel! You did an awesome job on your hair……..I don’t think I could ever attempt to cut my own!

    the blue steel is in need of some perfecting before i actually try it down the runway. but i think it’s getting pretty close!

  6. Cool haircut. I’ve never had the guts to cut mine shorter than shoulder length.

    don’t know if it takes guts or just a wild hair on the wrong day 😉

  7. WOW!!! You look fabulous! You have a great face for short hair. I love it!

    thanks. i wonder if it will still look good on my head when it’s big and inflated from all this niceness??

  8. You cut that yourself??? Impressive!

    oh, no. i paid someone to cut it. the only cut i know how to do is a clipper cut – and even that is not very good.

  9. I love it! but also loved the curls, you are so thin!!!!! you look great!!!!

    thanks, trish. i’ve decided, since the wii fit has come along, to maybe be intentional about losing weight. i know i’m capable, but not sure exactly how committed. we’ll see how it goes.

  10. Awesome new look! It is great. I went very short this summer…and PINK!! I feel free and I know you do too!

    yes, i feel great! ready to take on the world.

  11. Love the cut. You look like my daughter again. You look absolutely beautiful – not that you didn’t before, you know.

    thanks, mom. i was a bit worried you’d hate it, glad you don’t

  12. I may be really out of the loop – but what is blue steel?

    it’s one of zoolander’s many varied modeling poses.

  13. oh lookit *you*!
    and lookit all these luffly comments for the new ‘do!!!
    very chic, very styley.
    it literally knocks ten years off ya.
    (i’ve been watching that “Gok” show lol)
    mwah X

    oooh. wonder if that takes me out of the middle aged category?? thanks ever so much.

  14. Hey Monica, I’m going to officially start reading your blog and checking my email.
    So if you could give C or A my email that would be awesome.

    Thank you hope you all are doing great

    will do!!

  15. totally blue steel. your mom cracks me up!

    there’s monica, the girl we all know and love.

    it would be even better if she was trying to be funny ;).

  16. looks great! in fact you look alot like you did the year I met you at Chris house new years eve! I even remember you were wearing pink plaid shorts and a pink sweater! you and mike were getting ready for your big day! why I remember what you were wearing is beyond me!

    i remember that outfit, too!! it was fierce!! you know, early ’90s fierce!

  17. Love the cut! Short hair is so sassy and so much easier to manage.

    thank you. it is very easy!!

  18. I lovelovelovelovelove it

    I wish I could do it but I just can’t…

    and the 80s outfit…don’t you just wish we could still pull it off…

    are you back??? yay!! missed you so much. and i can still do 80’s, at least in my head.

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