i hear the train a comin’, it’s rollin’ round the bend

c14 has been dying to see the dark knight. he and michael made plans way back when to see it. but, of course, it came out while michael was in texas. and how is it possible to make up for having to actually wait to see a movie to a 12 14 year old boy (he’s 14, i can’t believe no one caught my snafu – mom, i’m talking to you)? well, one option would be to…

board the express train to bangkok. where the dark knight is showing on the imax. they left last night at 9. got to bangkok this morning at 9. they will leave bangkok tonight at 7 and get home tomorrow morning around 7. how very cool is that?

i’m a little jealous. i haven’t seen it, either. i missed hell boy II, too. and it looks like mama mia has already gone, too. guess that leaves me no choice but to just hang around, bogart the wii fit, and wait for them to come out on video.

*did i use bogart correctly? i’m hoping i did. because it makes me sound so almost cool.

8 thoughts on “i hear the train a comin’, it’s rollin’ round the bend

  1. That is so, so cool. And here I sit feeling like a lousy mom because I can’t figure out how to get my daughter Breaking Dawn, and I’m surrounded by bookstores–it’s just that we are thinking of leaving town at the break of dawn, and I would like for her to have it for our trip. I hope they have a wonderful time.

    BTW–I have no idea if you used it correctly or not, I had never heard that before. I guess I am decidedly not cool.

    i think all moms are the coolest!! i mean, how can our kids be cool if we aren’t???

  2. You haven’t missed “Mamma Mia.” I think it opens here late this month or early next. And “Hellboy 2” wasn’t all that great. “The Dark Knight” rocked, though. 🙂 A good friend is moving to Chiang Mai in a couple of weeks to start teaching at Lanna International. Gives me a reason to visit! (I am a bad Thai person; I’ve been pretty much nowhere.)

    that’s some of the best news i’ve had in a while!! can’t wait to see it.

  3. my friend fleur just got back from BKK, not sure what movies they saw there, i’ll ask her!!
    you *have* to see mamma mia, i think, and Bulldog and i are off to TDK to see Heath on tuesday.
    i *know*, we are becoming quite the movie buffs. the cinema is usually a treat, but hey… we’re eating less meat and more lentils to afford it lol.
    no idea about “bogart”… feeling rather unedumaKATEd.
    mwah X

    i will see mamma mia. i keep repeating it over and over and it will happen!!

  4. I went to the “video” store this weekend hoping to score the Dark Knight, but no luck. : ( I’m hoping it will be playing while I’m in Frankfurt in September……fingers crossed.

    “video”store. or here sometimes they are called vdo… i wouldn’t think you could get a good enough copy, yet…

  5. Hey, where are you? Enough with the Wii Fit – your audience awaits.

    Love, Mom

    can’t blog… must hula hoop

  6. Hey Monica,
    Took the brain balance test after reading your blog. 48/52. Explains a lot, actually. I have wondered how y’all were faring…tried one of the email addys I had for you and it bounced back, then finally!! one from Mike with the link…Can’t believe how grown up the kids are. Can’t believe you are so far away. Chip travelled our whole lives until recently. You don’t have to be in a foreign country to feel so alone, but I bet it helps. Write me. PS Yes honey, this old hippy thinks you got bogart exactly right.

    must say, that test is a bit frightening… this travel thing can get old, at times. but when he’s home for a while it seems odd, too…

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