he’s home

until he leaves again.

and look what came with him

to add to my collection –

these should keep me busy for a while –

now i’ll have the ability to work on more than one project at a time –

my grandmother sent these (a11 thinks they’re for her, i’ve told her i’m pretty sure she’s wrong) –

at first i was a wii bit worried about what might happen if i ate all of these, even though the butterfingers were specifically requested by the kids –

but then wii came across this, it’s for mii.  i might share. –

and, of course, there was stuff for the kids and there was this – it, apparently, is very important.  go cowboys. –

but the most important thing that came back was this –


7 thoughts on “he’s home

  1. So glad he is back and with such fun gifts! We are back now and have been catching up so glad to see you baking again!!!

    welcome home to you!! hope you guys had a great vacation. i think i’ve broken through the baking barrier. not promising i’ll bake daily, but it should pick up.

  2. Glad the goodies and goody giver arrived home safely. Let me know if I need to put the Wii Fit on my Xmas list.

    i will let you know. i have the highest expectations!!

  3. Looks like lots of fun stuff! Have you got the cord to fix the wii yet?
    My sister and neice just left after a visit here. Don’t know when the next visitors will come if any.

    michael brought a 110/220 cord back with him for the wii, we’ll find out if it works tomorrow. i hope you had a great visit with your family. someone said in a comment here that it feels like home after you have family visit. or something like that… my parents and maybe twin will be here in jan. at least that’s the plan.

  4. i bet mike feels like a pack mule carrying all that back! i am sure he is good for other things as well

    he did at that. his suitcase was heavy, but all good stuff! and there are a few other things he’s good for. 😉

  5. I know you are very happy to have Mike home. And I know you will love the Wii Fit, I can’t get the kids off of ours. Wait until you unlock the pinguin game, it’s a hoot.

    ummm… i’m thinking i’m not letting the kids on it!! 😀

  6. Sweet. Glad he got home safely. Now, the apron pic?

    i’m working on the pic… have to be sneaky.

  7. Hay said it first, and I agree, “Sweet”! Sweet post!

    Baby Ruths do rock. 🙂

    and my kids have now discovered that baby ruths rock.

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