yes, i do believe the caps are necessary.

can anyone tell me what this is?

i know it is a bug of some kind – or maybe a dinosaur.

it it is almost as long as a roll of toilet paper!!  (it’s hanging around on the screen outside the bathroom, in case you were wondering why we used a roll of toilet paper for scale.)  and when i bumped the screen to see if it might be encouraged to leave. it peed. or perhaps it sprayed some kind of prehistoric deadly acidic poison that is right now eating it’s way through the screen. and it’s friends are hiding just out of sight ready to invade when a big enough hole has been burned  in the screen for them to fit through.

you might notice that the pictures of the big honkin’ spider are still on my sidebar. c14 was brave enough to take him out, but he took one look at this guy and hightailed it out of there.


10 thoughts on “HELP

  1. Ummm…a reason to stay inside? Good luck!

    oh, that’s a given. i might never leave the house again, just knowing that kind of thing is out there. eeewwwwwww.

  2. maybe it will go away at daylight! I guess c14 is back from his trip do tell more

    i have a post that should go up tomorrow morning. not included in that post is that he just said to me, “some of the guys got worms this week.”

  3. Oh.My.

    I narrowed it down to three. Check out this website:

    And worms? That sentence fall under the category of things you never want to hear your children say…

    ooh, it is definitely one of those! i feel much better knowing that they aren’t listed on some list of the top 10 face eating bugs of all time!

  4. I think it is some sort of moth. Aren’t they harmless? Unless you count against them the self-destruction of the people seeing them. I’m for ddt or something. Or a huge fly swatter – when bh gets home. Looks like men’s work to me. (I know all you younger women might find that offensive – but believe me it has come in handy.)

    harmless? harmless? if you mean, like it can’t really hurt me harmless, then yeah, sure. i guess you could say they are harmless. but he happens to fall into the category of his very existence makes me feel all oogie – and that’s a nightmare causing kind of harm! 😀

  5. I think it is Mothera from a Godzilla movie. I think that might actually be the same size as some of our Texas cochroaches. Love all the posts, keep them coming!

    no, i think he ate mothera! 😉 and i know texas cockroaches, cuz i haven’t moved away from them – we get them here, too. only we call them thailand cockroaches, but they look the same, same size, same ewwwww factor and this guy was ewwwwwier.

  6. Oh man! Ithink that is a scarytoofreakinbigUGLY moth.

    it sure is. and we didn’t kill it. because you know how much we value the life of all living creatures and it’s certainly not because no one wanted to go outside and deal with it.

  7. Does that have little pinchers on the front near the head? If so, they are edible (well, to Thais anyway).

    You’ll find most bugs there scary looking but completely harmless. The only ones I ended up hating were scorpions and centipedes. A centipede made it’s way into my bed and under the pillow one night and bit me in my sleep. I slept in a hammock the next month. 🙂

    i didn’t notice pinchers. but he was big enough to feed a family of 5 or 6!!

  8. I think it is a Locust. I spent a month in Thailand way back in 96. They were all over at night. They sound like a fuzzy radio left on for hours.

    the locusts here are crazy loud, aren’t they?!?!

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