cookie cookie cookie starts with c

this morning i made the most incredible chocolate chip cookies – evah. i love to bake, but have been hesitant because the closest thing i have to an oven is a toaster/convection oven. the owner’s manual is completely in thai. so i just sort of guess how to use it. but i’ve mastered toast and feel ready for bigger challanges. like the most incredible chocolate chip cookies – evah (miccc-e).

and because i have nothing but time on my hands i thought i would share. the recipe and how to, not the cookies.

it starts at the grocery store. where i found this.

which triggered the miccc – e recipe memory. which meant i had to hunt for the rest of the ingredients. luckily, i’ve memorized the ingredient list for this recipe.

i find these.

which is great progress. i remembered that i had flour, brown sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla and milk at home. so only one thing is left. and i spend forever hunting it. i have the kids hunting for it. and it is finally discovered by a11.

and the reason i had such difficulty finding it is because i wasn’t looking for that. i was looking for this.

i just assumed it only came packaged like this – my horizon’s have been broadened.

and then we go home. where i let the ingredients sit for a few days. and every day a11 asks, “are you gonna make miccc-e today??” and i answer, “maybe tomorrow.” (i have legitimate reasons for not making them. i don’t own a hand mixer. and needed one. well, maybe not need but it sure would make it a lot easier. and last night, while i was at the store, i remembered to look for one. and found one.)

so this morning the stars were aligned correctly and i made the miccc-e.

the first step after the first step of purchasing the correct supplies is to dress properly.

i love this apron. it’s one of the few things i brought with me from my kitchen in the states. michael hates this apron. thinks it’s ugly as sin. (but i have caught him wearing it, so perhaps he doth protest too much.)

and then assemble the wet ingredients and the dry ingredients. put all the wet ingredients together into a big bowl, like this one.

it is the biggest not-really-a-mixing-bowl-but-will-have-to-suffice bowl i have. at this point i realized i might want to actually get the mixer out of it’s box – so i could actually use it. and then i spent a little bit trying to figure out if this warning applied to me.

while my metal capabilities might be questionable i forged on.

in the large bowl – cream together 3/4 c. butter flavored crisco, 1 1/4 c. firmly packed brown sugar, 2 tbsp milk and 1 tbsp vanilla. blend until creamy. then blend in one egg.

in another bowl, mix together 1 3/4 c. all-purpose flour, 1 ts. salt, 3/4 tsp. baking soda.

add the dry ingredients to the creamed mixture – gradually. and realize that the bowl the dry ingredients were in is plenty big enough for the cookie dough so transfer from kfc bucket to much more attractive bowl.

next comes the chocolate chips.

stir in 1 1/2 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips.

then drop by the rounded tablespoonful onto an ungreased cookie sheet. and place in 375 degree farenheit oven – which my handy, dandy conversion calculator informed me was 190.56 degrees celsius (i bravely rounded that up to 180.)

bake for 8-10 minutes for chewy cookies or 11-13 minutes for crispy cookies. if you’re using a convection oven do not take your eyes off of them, because it cooks fast. really, really fast. i was prepared for that and had no cookie fatalities.

when they’re however you like them take them out of the oven and cool.

and, yes, my kitchen facilities do only allow me to bake 1/2 dozen cookies at a time.

michael’s worried that there won’t be any of these left when he returns on thursday. that concern might be justified.

8 thoughts on “cookie cookie cookie starts with c

  1. I seriously miss my gas oven. We also use a snazzy electric toaster oven thing that ELECTROCUTES me if I dare to touch it while it is switched on. I can only bake nine cookies at a time and just on Sunday baked three dozen cookies on half a piece of parchment paper. And my oven cooks slooooower, which means a nine-minute-baking recipe takes roughly 42 minutes. (And I miss peanut butter chips. And cupcake liners. There are no cupcake liners in Thailand cheaper than 109 baht.)

    i had a gas oven once. i can’t believe i ever left it. i don’t know if i ever would have tackled cookies with a slooooower oven. brave lady!

  2. Bwahahahaha, you are seriously funny, you know that?

    Mental capabilities *snort*

    But since I’m a vegan, and it’s mean to post yummy chocolatey goodness all over the internet that I MAY happen upon, I think you will have to make it up to me.
    I want to see a pick of Michael in that apron.

    (It is kinda ugly…perhaps you need to talk sweetly to Katie the sunshine apron lady for an updated version)

    project michael in apron is underway… as a matter of fact i think i have one on one of the computers here… or maybe the memory is just that vivid! 🙂
    i won’t argue with the fact that it’s ugly. and it is perhaps my favorite by default (it’s the only one i own) but what i love the most is that it fits and i don’t have to pull any strings as tight as they might go and cut off circulation somewhere to keep it on… that is a big plus.

  3. I would probably guarantee him there won’t be any left! That’s really asking a lot. I’m sure those were the best cookies you’ve ever had.

    I love the apron. I’m always making a mess all over myself.

    Ignorant question here–do most people in Thailand not have ovens, or are you just one of the lucky few? Just wondering.

    it’s much more the exception than the rule to have an oven. our house has a western kitchen. but all that means is a two burner propane stove, a fridge and a sink. you can get ovens here, but we really don’t have a place to put it and i have been in a few homes that have ovens, most lived in by westerners.

    i still managed to get a little bit of melted chocolate on me. but i’m thinking it happened after the cooking was done and during the sampling.

  4. Oh happy day!

    Any day is good so long as there is a cookie involved. Great job. And if you eat all of them before hubby gets back, you’ll just have to make more, right? Assuming you can get the ingredients again…

    and that might be a pretty big assumption. actually, i think they are always available, i just hadn’t thought to look for them before.

  5. I make all my cookies with the butter flavored Crisco. It makes all the difference!!!

    have you used it in peanut butter cookies? i usually use butter, but might try a switcheroo.

  6. cant even imagine how many calories and fat are in cookies made with crisco! I bet having cookies made it feel more like home!

    why ya gotta bring that up? i mean really. didn’t you see in the picture that the crisco has 0 grams of transfat. really, that’s enough for me. and, yes, the cookies did make it feel like home. 😀

  7. YUM. My stuff is here. I made brownies today, and now I HAVE to make cookies tomorrow. These just look too good.

    yay for stuff!! i’m thinking my next cookie attempt will be peanut butter. they are my favorite.

  8. How fun…. makes my cooking experience less eventful. yummy, I bet now that you have done it once, michael would appreciate you trying it again! i bet he got one.

    yes, doing a bit of catch up.

    he got none. not one. no crumbs or nothing. i will have to make them again. need to hurry or i’ll have to wait for him to get home again.

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