i can cross that off my to do list

this afternoon i loaded up the trunk and headed to the post office to mail everything and anything i’ve been meaning to send to people. i’ve been stocking up. you remember way back here when i gave away not one, but two necklaces? and i went and told these ladies that they won. a necklace from thailand. expect it anyday. well, they are in the mail. they are packages #2 & 4. so sorry ladies, i have no excuse, but better late than never, right? expect it any day – or in the next two weeks. and i’ve gotten out my first dishcloth exchange package. it’s #6. and i was so excited to get this underway that i forgot to do any kind of blocking or anything. oops.

the other packages are thank you gifts and i miss you gifts and birthday gifts. finally, i’ve accomplished something this summer.

5 thoughts on “i can cross that off my to do list

  1. ooh that must feel good! looky at all them thar packages!

    it does. and even better is that i don’t have to sit here in the living room and have them staring at me, tapping their feet, waiting to get on the road!!

  2. I’m always amazed at home much putting off chores like that just nags at me. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does it! Good for you.

    and the sad thing is, you can be most assured i’ll do it again. i have one more package to mail and one to pick up. think i’ll remember to take the one to mail when i go pick the one up??

  3. Gosh you have been busy! It might be time to send you a little something so if you email me then I will take request!

    i’ll work on thinking about requests. and one of those boxes had your name on it, so let me know when it gets to you!

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