and the tiger ate her

we have now discovered another way to pass time in thailand. let ourselves be locked into a cage with tigers – and it’s best when you’re unable to open the exit door, and no one stays around to open the doors just in case the tigers go nuts. that didn’t happen, the tigers going nuts part, but if it had, this might have been a much different and possibly nonexistent post.

okay, so they are baby tigers. 3 months old. and cute and magnificent. before we entered this cage i did have to sign a waiver. you know, in case one of these babies ate one of my babies. and, as it turns out, my babies are so sweet that one of the cubs couldn’t help itself and had to have a little taste.

(i tried to photo shop this so the injury would look impressively garish, but i’m just not that good.)

i didn’t get pictures of the actual mauling, but what’s surprising about that? i am the same person who didn’t get the s8 vs. the elephant action shot.

after we pet the cubs we walked up to the restaurant, because that’s the best spot to view the big tigers.

but we didn’t eat there – the kids have been asking me for weeks for khao soi. and today i decided to oblige them. so our next stop was my favorite place to get khao soi kai – which is a curry soup with chicken that is regional to chiang mai.

and now i’m home basking in the glory of being the best parent. you know since the other one went off to america – and has yet to return.

7 thoughts on “and the tiger ate her

  1. Hi! You just left me a comment about my daughter’s hair on Haiku Friday, so I thought I’d journey over here and see who you are! Are you in Thailand? LIke living there?! Nice to meet you!

    Can you help me with my dead peace lily? LOL!


    yep, we’re in thailand. we’re still adjusting to it, but like it more days than not.

    i got nothing for a dead peace lily, but maybe you can mulch it and use it as fertilizer for one of your other plants?

  2. Wow! That is really cool. Just so you know you’re not that far from home. We saw something just like that in Myrtle Beach two years ago! lol. They are too cute–the tigers and your kids. What an awesome mom. Make them repeat that to you 10x a day. What an awesome mom, what an awesome mom…

    i wonder if that playing a recording of that while they sleep thing would work for that. really get it embedded in their brains.

  3. adventures, adventures! you have so many. by the way what is the big expose?

    it was the one about how i don’t do anything… maybe not that big?

  4. I wanna pet tigers too! Kinda. Well, at least look at them.

    they had 10 month old ones you could pet, too. but with the kids i wasn’t so sure about that.

  5. You are the BEST BEST BEST mom ever!!!

    Now I have to go hide any connection to your site from lullibell…

    but there are manatees in florida. that would be cool.

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