plant care – a haiku


how i care for plants
my technique is avantgarde
they don’t all survive

plants that are inside
my responsibility
keep green and alive

plants that are outside
have been turned over to God
He does a good job

normally this works
except for the petunias
God must not like them

all the other plants
that are outside of the house
are very healthy

13 thoughts on “plant care – a haiku

  1. cool…glad some survive.
    On petunias…I’m with God
    sticky, stinky blooms

    but such bright blooms? poor petunias… i feel a little bad for them. it’s like they’re being shunned.

  2. Hahahaha, that’s awesome. I have serious plant trouble, but I loved the bit about the petunias. Fun haiku!

    thanks. i am honestly not sure how the two that are in the house are surviving… they aren’t watered as often as they should be..

  3. ahah! Now I know why my nickname with God is petunia…(grin)

    are you sure He’s calling you petunia? He has a bit of a funny accent, sometimes it’s difficult to make out what He’s saying clearly… 😉

  4. LOL! Love you haiku and the petunia picture. My plant care philosophy is very similar, although my indoor plalnts usually fare as well as your petunias!

    these indoor plants have lived a rather long life – at least for me. i think the mae baan might water them occasionally. it’s the only reason i can think of for why they are still here

  5. So funny! I have no indoor plants, and I try not to kill the outdoor–with mixed results. Sometimes I just get tired of watering! 😉 God clearly has a thing against petunias!

    sometimes the watering gets to be exhausting!!

  6. thats too funny. it looks like my post from yesterday but mine all look like your last one. haha

    i especially like the one in the basket!! that one looks done

  7. I have a hard time with plants, indoor and out. I blame it on the lack of humidity. What/who would I blame in Thailand?

    i blame it on God. might not be the best option, but it seems to be the only one i’ve got

  8. This week it happened
    I finally killed the plant
    I got for Mom’s Day

    A gift from my Mom
    I told her my thumb was brown
    so she should have known

    isn’t it a bit of relief knowing it’s dead? no more worries?

  9. I so relate to your haiku and photos! I’ve learned (over the years) to seek out plants that ‘thrive on neglect’ and/or just plain do well where I live and avoid the rest. It works for me ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    i think i’m going to gravitate towards plastic. 😀 but that might not fit in with my attempt to be greener.

  10. I have the worst BLACK thumb ever!

    Someone suggested that we put a plant in the career gua of our house to help with my husband’s job search a la feng shui. I’m willing to try it, but I’m worried that killing the plant will have a reverse effect;)

    when we got married we were given an ivy and told, “as long as it’s alive your marriage will thrive.” the plant only made it 6 months. we’ve just rounded the 16 year point.

  11. I let my boyfriend handle the gardening. fortunately it rains enough in Belgium that the outdoor plants survive despite me.

    that is what makes the petunias shunning even sadder – it is rainy season here.

  12. How sad that the petunias do not feel God’s love. Maybe if you exposed them to the Word? 🙂

    I also am the worst gardener. I stopped trying years ago.

    i have had a few, choice words for them… but perhaps that’s not the right type?

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