i hope you won’t think less of me

i know i’ve shared many of my struggles with you guys (and there’s plenty more where those came from, you can trust me on that.) but it’s been brought to my attention that i’ve left out one really big part of the equation. so, i’m going to attempt to rectify that.

i think this might be explained best with a list.

  • wash clothes
  • hang clothes to dry
  • iron clothes (t-shirts, too)
  • put clothes away
  • sweep floors
  • mop floors
  • clean windows
  • dust
  • fluff pillows
  • organize dvds
  • change sheets
  • make beds
  • water plants
  • wash dishes
  • put away dishes
  • clean out fridge
  • scrub tubs
  • clean toilets
  • clean sinks
  • rake the yard
  • sweep the porch
  • take out the trash
  • sort the recycling
  • cook dinner
  • grocery shop
  • feed the dog
  • water the dog
  • wash the car
  • water the grass

yes, that is a chore list (and i think it’s pretty complete.) these are the household tasks that must happen to keep it all going. why are some of them crossed off? well, i was going to cross off the tasks that the mâe bâan does, but then realized it would be much more efficient to cross off the tasks that i handle. i know it’s hard to imagine how i fit all three of those demanding responsibilities in every week, but no need to worry. i manage.

9 thoughts on “i hope you won’t think less of me

  1. Ain’t life grand! In addition to your three I also feed, water and walk the dog.

    the kids walk the dog. and they feed and water him in the evening. so it’s not all fun and games around here 🙂

  2. Ok, I may not think less of you, but I am insanely jealous. I just had a cleaning person here to give me a quote for a deep clean…sigh.

    it is a huge perk. i never could have afforded this in the states. ever. it will probably be a road block to our coming home – when and if the time comes.

  3. I think you’ve done plenty. Call it a day, sister.

    thanks for stopping by! i’m so excited mrs. g stopped by i can’t even keep up my end of the conversation… *hyperventilating a tad*

  4. you deserve it with the er visits, the snakes, spiders, dead fish, need I go on!

    that’s right… i deserve it. i have a blog to maintain. 😉

  5. you are up way to late or is it early? im so confused!

    12 hours. we are twelve hours ahead. so take the exact time it is where you are and change the am to pm or the pm to am and that’s what time it is. now to confuse things if you’re changing the pm to am you need to change it to the next day, too. 😀

  6. oh yea can you put the time and temperature thing back up cause i liked it!

    didn’t realize it had disappeared. will do. i’m all about keeping you happy 😉

  7. You forgot to mention that she sings or hums while she works. So, she entertains you, also – while you read or knit or whatever.

    fine, you wanna play that way?? next time you visit – you’re cut off from the ironed t-shirts. 😀

  8. Just couldn’t resist. That was a really pleasant experience – hearing her singing in that little voice. Very nice. After all, I was reading, too.

    too late to play nice now. and i believe at times you were doing a little less than reading. (zzzzzzzzzzzzz) 😀 love you.

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