i get all my tv from the internets

not having cable or satellite or even an antenna i’ve been forced to turn to alternative entertainment methods. and now, i’m in love with surfthechannel. i have my pick from current shows and old shows, british shows, shows that air on premium cable channels, shows that i loved and shows that i always wanted to watch, and even shows that i’ve never heard of… like popular. how’d i miss this one? it premiered fall of 1999. not too long after s8 premiered. that’s probably why i missed it. and it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good then as it is now. it’s aged well.

i’ve totally immersed myself in this show. i want to be part of this show. i want to go to kennedy high school. because if i go there then sandra oh can be my humanities teacher and chad lowe can be my counselor/news paper teacher – not really sure what his role was. and sara rue and henry from ugly betty could be my friends and the girl who melissa ethridge is involved with and ricky bobby’s wife could be the mean girls, oh, and the original craig from as the world turns could be my step dad.

i’m working my way through both seasons – this show aired at a time when you got your bang for your buck each season, 43 episodes over 2 seasons, wow. and i understand that there is some sort of cliff hanger at the end of the second season that is never resolved – because there was no 3rd season.  i’m feeling a bit of anxiety over that.  but still i brave on.

9 thoughts on “i get all my tv from the internets

  1. I love Sandra Oh! I’ve never seen Gray’s, but she was in Arli$$ and she just MADE that show.

    just so you know she’s only in the first few episodes… but by the time i realized she was gone, i was pretty hooked.

  2. So cool! Thanks for the introduction. My daughter and I have been at loose ends as to what to watch. This sounds like just the ticket. You are a master at making do with what you’ve got!

    my kids have been watching off and on with me. the teen angst is heavy, very heavy. but like with any good teen show gives plenty of talking points 😀

  3. I got hooked on LOST like this. First time ever I’ve felt this way over a TV show.

    we love lost, too! and heroes. the new heroes hasn’t shown up, yet. we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

  4. I only watch TV on the ‘net too. I’ll have to check out that site you mentioned.

    it’s pretty good. i don’t know if it’s as good as i’ve heard hulu is. but we can’t watch hulu, since we’re international and all.

  5. OMG I die without Tv!

    that’s what my kids thought. but the internet has saved us all. 😀

  6. sounds like you are really busy!

    hey now! there will be no judging on my blog! 😀 and i’m working on a post that will expose just how busy i am. and let me tell you, you will be impressed. cuz i’m super dee duper busy!! all the time. 😀

  7. I totally watched this show when it came out! It was so good. I think Sam is so pretty and Mary Cherry makes me laugh so much. Thank you for the link, too! I can’t wait to watch “La Femme Nikita” again.

    i have a sick little love for mary cherry myself!! i’ve been scouting for another show for when i finish this one.

  8. Hey, thanks for sharing the info. I’ll have to figure this out. We’ve been in a similar boat without TV.

    no problem. just sharing the tv watchin love!

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