alive! it’s alive! it’s alive!

for those of you out there who are comment followers this is old news.  but for the rest of you – which i’m thinking includes all of you – the wii, it is not dead.  the kids just fried the cord, not the unit itself!!  a power cord is on order and life has taken a turn for the better!!  whooo hoooo!!  now the only thing we need is wii fit.  at least that’s what i hear.

8 thoughts on “alive! it’s alive! it’s alive!

  1. I could hear your cries of joy and see your happy dance…and no you didn’t have Google Talk on at the time…your voice just carries well over the ocean! 🙂

    of course you could hear me. i was yelling at the top of my lungs!!!

  2. That’s great. So glad for you!

    I really wish you’d get rid of the spider pictures. I couldn’t read the blog the day they were on. They were so huge and disgusting! I can take the lizard things, the snakes (if I have to), the blood, but please not the spiders!

    i agree, awful, awful, nasty gross spider!! yuck.

  3. Wow! Great news!

    we were keeping our fingers crossed, hoping for the best and yeah!! it happened. wow

  4. Wonderful news. My Wii should be arriving any day I hope and I have asked for Wii Fit for Christmas….in July! LOL

    oh, i hope you get it. i’ve never been video game crazy, but wii fit? i salivate…

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