so that’s how that’s done

yesterday was suture removal day! yay! and we were in and out in no time. the guy who removed them used a handy dandy tool. i’m guessing he was not a doctor (he didn’t have the official doctor’s coat and tie) nor he was he a nurse (he wasn’t wearing the lovely lavender uniform that all the nurses wear – male and female) and i’m pretty confident he wasn’t a janitor (he wasn’t wearing the aqua and yellow that all the cleaning people wear). so who was he? my best guess is he was the suture removal tool specialist. because not just anyone is sure handed enough to use this.

to take out sutures that are located within half an inch of this.

*the closest thing to safety goggles provided was his own eyelid.*

and, yes, it was just the blade. no handy dandy blade holding tool to aid him in accuracy.

since this is the same hospital we had s8’s sutures removed at i became curious to find out exactly what suture removal tool they used when the took his out.

yep, sure enough. the same one. i don’t mean the exact same one. i did witness the professional suture remover -but probably not a doctor or a nurse- taking it out of it’s package.

5 thoughts on “so that’s how that’s done

  1. Wow. I bet he stayed REALLY STILL.

    Welcome to the third world. 🙂

    never having sutures before he didn’t realize there was a problem. until i inhaled, because i had been holding my breath the entire time that blade was so close to his eye!!

  2. omg I would have been scared as hell!

    this was a case of what you don’t know won’t hurt you… so they say

  3. okay again I went away for a week and things go nuts! You better get on that book your writing

    makes me worried for what might happen while michael’s gone for 2!

  4. my goodness. you guys are worrying us… now, stay safe and out of hospitals and those ‘rent-a-doctor’ shady places. ;^)

    kids, they’re nothing but trouble! 😉

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