what are wii doing with no wii?

since the wii fried what have wii been up to?? for me pretty much the same thing. you know. being the mom. but the kids have been busy swimming. a lot. 5 hours a day is probably not a bad estimate. and who can blame them.

and no one else uses this pool. it’s been just them. until… a few days ago. s8 came running into the house dripping wet yelling at me to bring the camera. there was something at the pool they wanted a picture of.

(i got photo shop skillz)

turns out this fellow has been hanging around watching them swim. isn’t he cool??

and yes, this is the same pool that this happened at.

10 thoughts on “what are wii doing with no wii?

  1. That looks strangely like the pretty turquoise lizzard that chased Wa’an the day we were riding bikes. He is really cool. Gorgeous pool. Love, Mom

    i think it is. it’s just down the street from where we saw him

  2. Beautiful lizard. The pool looks so refreshing! Think how much exercise they’re getting.

    i love this pool!! and i love that they are outside breathing in the clean air and playing together happily!!

  3. Okay STOP posting that picture! I feel his pain every time. Cool lizard.My girls used to go to swimming lessons and the pool would often get little geckos in it, swimming around. Kyla loved it.
    Ah swimming. Pass the summer please!

    not certain my daughter would have been so thrilled had it hopped on into the pool… a video camera might have been in order for that one.

    stitches are to come out today!!

  4. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I cant look at the picyure ๐Ÿ˜‰

    you can’t look because it hurts? or you can’t look because you can’t see it??

  5. because it hurts I aint bling here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    whew! i was worried i had blog problems. i’m so self centered it never entered my mind it might be a problem with you. glad it’s not!! ๐Ÿ˜€


    oh, that g is right above the b… and spell check ain’t gonna catch that because is is a word!

  7. Well, wii news – we took the wii game to a party tonight, where Miggy brought her son’s power source and cord – GUESS WHAT….THE LIGHT CAME ON, THE GAME CAME OUT….IT MADE A WHIRRING SOUND…MAYBE THINGS ARE GREAT!!! We will know more tomorrow. Miggy’s son James is going to check it out on his TV and make sure it is actually working. You may be in business soon. But so sad to lose all that beautiful swimming time.

    we are holding our breath!! a11 thinks that maybe “checking it out on his tv” is code for stealing it, since it works and all. i assured here that you hang out with a better class of people than that!! and they swear there will be no change in swimming!! we shall see, hopefully

  8. yipppeeee!! Wii works. It is alive and well. We are ordering a new power cord – one that can handle 220 or 110 power. And yes, James returned the wii and the game that was stuck inside.

    you are a hero!! and i had every confidence in james, it’s those kids who are so suspicious!

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