rice krispie treatz


at grocery store
surprised to find marshmallows
cause for happy dance

is it possible
can we find rice krispies, too?
butter we have got

found what we needed
headed for home with a plan
spirits are lifted

googled recipe
found on official website
making the real deal

eyeball the butter
let it melt over low heat
oops, almost burned it

add the marshmallows
none to spare for taste testing
all are required

time for rice krispies
this always worries me some
hope they stir in well

think i could stop now
and eat them straight from the pot
and not mess up pan

already buttered
may as well put it to use
do them up proper

kids are quite happy
a nice reminder of home
but now they’re all gone

12 thoughts on “rice krispie treatz

  1. We made rice krispie treats today too. Ours had peanut butter mixed in with the marshmallows. So glad you had a taste of home!

    ooh – peanut butter. that sounds wonderful. maybe throw in some chocolate chips??

  2. Mmmm, good job TM!

    thanks, hay!! they’re no cabbage rolls or puff pastry nonmeat meat things, but they weren’t bad.

  3. Nicely done! I hope they tasted as good as they looked!

    rice krispie treats are one of those things i enjoy the idea of much more than the treat itself. but happy kids make for a good day.

  4. We put in peanut butter m&m’s, but I didn’t want to make you too jealous! lol.

    oh, that sounds yummy!!’ve had butterscotch morsels in them. i found that quite tasty!!

  5. Oh, yummy! Perfect haiku with pictures, and I totally get it how much a taste of home means so far away.

    i’ve been frequenting some food type blogs lately with their food photos and just knew a contribution for the easy stuff was missing!!

  6. That’s so funny because I thought about making some today. Now you’ve made me sorry that I didn’t. Those look yummy!!!

    and fast and easy. which sums up my cooking philosophy!!

  7. who knew rice crispy treats could make someone so happy!

    not i, my friend. that’s for sure!

  8. Thick side??? NO such thing!!

    Trans – I haven’t made time to read your work lately – yet I see it’s similar as it was a while ago — blood, stitches, spiders and lizards, yummy exotic and also familiar foods, hubby traveling . . . . . your life amazes me. Sincerely. Wishing you well. Thanks for the read. xoxxRuth

    hello, ruth!! the scary thing is it’s becoming old hat…

  9. ‘Tis the season for Rice Krispie Treats. No ovens involved!

    and that’s a prerequisite to my baking right now. since i rely on a teeny tiny toaster oven for all my baking needs!

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